Mariah Carey Gets Harshly Criticized As She Shares Racy Swimsuit Photo Days After Failed NYE Performance

Mariah Carey has been under harsh criticism lately, and not even her racy Instagram photos are safe from judgement.

Mariah shared a swimsuit photo earlier this week, and not all her fans are loving it. The image only received 78,000 likes from Carey’s five million followers, but it did get over 3,000 comments as the public let the singer know how they really feel. The 46-year-old spent the holidays with her family in Aspen as she posted photos of the trip to Instagram.

She shared the hot tub photo, which shows her smiling and seductively posing for the camera, while wearing a golden swimsuit and diamonds.

Aspen moments. ❄️❤️

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Page Six reported on the photo, which came just days after Mariah’s failed New Year’s Eve performance in New York City. The article jokingly stated “Mariah Carey is still golden — in a hot tub, at least,” but her followers don’t see anything to laugh about as they ripped into Carey in the comment section.

Instagram users called Mariah everything from a “has been” to telling her it’s not a flattering photo.

“Grow up hasbeen”

“Not a very flattering picture eh? Well at least that’s my opinion. Not liking the poop color sequined bathing suit either. Come on Diva, you have better swimsuits than this sh**!”

More commenters referred to Carey as a joke as they seemingly aren’t over her failed NYE performance.

“WTF is this? What a joke.”

But the rude comments didn’t stop there. Some people dropped by Mariah’s Instagram to inform the diva she isn’t as hot as she thinks.

“Umm honey? They’re beginning to sag…”

“Of course she needs to hold her t*ts lol”

Other users suggested Mariah is losing it when it comes to dealing with the fallout from her awkward performance.

“She’s coming unhinged”

Fans react negatively to Mariah Carey's swimsuit post days after NYE performance
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The negative comments on her hot tub photo are the least of Mariah’s worries, though, as her botched show continues to make headlines. Page Six added Carey has been keeping a low profile since the New Year’s Eve debacle and has even tried to pass the blame despite sources claiming the singer is at fault.

“Carey has kept a low profile since her lip-syncing debacle, which she said left her ‘mortified’ — but sources insist was her own fault.”

The Daily Mail covered Mariah’s arrival in Aspen with her 5-year-old twins the week before Christmas in perhaps one of the last positive articles before her New Year’s mishap. Of course, Mariah arrived in style and looked the part as cameras flashed around her.

“Fur coat, private jet, and Mariah Carey playing in the background – it may be the most Mariah Carey entrance ever.”

Much like her NYE performance, Mariah relied on assistants to help her navigate her way.

“Carefully clambering down the aircraft stairs in a towering pair of sexy knee-high boots, the superstar took an assistant’s hand while her other kept her luscious white jacket wrapped around her.”

Festivating dahlings. ????????❄️☃????????????

A photo posted by Mariah Carey (@mariahcarey) on

Once in Aspen, Mariah began to fill her Instagram with racy photos that fans seemed to love. However, the tune changed once her performance was labeled another 2016 disaster. Fans went back to Carey’s previous posts to share their opinions after seeing her fail on stage in Times Square.

One Instagram user had a lot to say about the change in Mariah as she disappointed fans across the world on New Year’s.

“For those fans, like me, that for long time have been admiring you, respecting you, and also buying your music, is so clear you are losing your way….the way that put you as one of the top singers on the world.”

The upset fan continued on to wish Mariah the best, contrary to other comments from more disgruntled fans.

“I pray to God that you could keep being a good example for others, but also showing the world that Mariah’s voice is still alive…for you, for your family, and for us…the fans that grew up with your music!”

Perhaps the negative comments are warranted as even the New York Times referred to Mariah as a “colossal letdown by one of the great vocalists in modern pop.”

Then again, maybe Mariah is telling the truth, and it was technical issues to blame.

Do you think the public is being too harsh on Mariah Carey as they continue to bad-mouth her online?

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