Ryan Reynolds Promises An Oscar Win Could Mean A Deadpool Boyfriend And Special Video Reaction

Once again, there's growing talk behind the first Deadpool film, most of it coming from Ryan Reynolds himself, particularly with regard to the prospect of the actor winning an Oscar for portraying the Wade Wilson superhero in the recent adaptation of the Marvel comic books. Reynolds is deep into working on a Deadpool sequel, so he's highly motivated in keeping the character relevant and there would seem to be no better way than to score an award for playing the foul-mouthed, comical superhero. Looking forward with a positive mindset, Ryan is already anticipating a win and promising fans that Deadpool will record a video in which he will share his reaction to the anticipated Oscar win.

Ryan Reynolds Promises Deadpool Will React To Winning An Academy Award

In truth, Deadpool wasn't eligible to even receive a nomination for the Academy Awards for 2016, but, as the Washington Post shares, that hasn't stopped Ryan Reynolds from campaigning for a nomination. In fact, the Deadpool star even went so far as to thank Academy Award judges in advance for the win. Reynolds thanked voters for lending their support and, getting just a little snarky in true Deadpool fashion, offered them "backstage passes to my heart."

That was last year. As the Academy Awards gears up for the new season, there are whispers that Deadpool may yet get a nomination, or, at the very least, an honorable mention. Previously, both Deadpool and its star were nominated for Golden Globes, lifting the stigma usually cast upon offensive and juvenile comedies.

Following that up, Deadpool received four more nominations at the Critic's Choice Awards, including best action, best comedy, and two for best actor (action and comedy).

Now, as the Marvel film has already broken ground with these previous nominations, Ryan Reynolds joins Deadpool fans in allowing himself to feel hope that the film still has a chance to take home an Oscar. In fact, Reynolds has already shared his optimism in a Twitter post in which he cites the Washington Post article and promises an in-character response from Deadpool himself.

"If by chance this happens, prepare for the world's most ridiculous reaction video," tweeted Reynolds.

Ryan Reynolds Wants To Explore Wade Wilson's Pansexuality In Deadpool 2

Ryan Reynolds, Deadpool 2
Ryan Reynolds hopes to explore his character's pansexuality in 'Deadpool 2.' [Image by Lars Niki/Getty Images]

When Deadpool was released in February of last year, director Tim Miller and star Ryan Reynolds heavily promoted the idea that Wade Wilson, a.k.a. Deadpool, was to be the first pansexual comic book superhero. In fact, as LGBTQ Nation points out, Miller said in one interview that he hoped to coin the phrase "pansexual Deadpool" and see the nickname go viral all over the internet. When Deadpool did hit theaters, however, it seemed the hype was all for nothing, as Wade Wilson had one female love interest in Morena Baccarin, and while their romance was freaky, it left fans wondering what had happened to the character they were promised.

For most audiences, it was never made clear that Deadpool was a pansexual character, as he seemed as straight as an arrow in the first film, which is something Ryan Reynolds is hoping to correct in Deadpool 2.

"I love that about Deadpool," Reynolds said of his character's fluid sexuality. "I love that he can break any boundary. In the future, I hope we get to do that more."

In revealing that he would like to see Deadpool get a boyfriend in the future, Reynolds says his biggest thrill in playing the Marvel character is that Deadpool is different and unique, even among other superheroes. How Deadpool views love is something so far removed from the way others approach relationships and romance that he feels like an outsider, even among his friends.

"What love is to Deadpool may not be what love is to Batman or someone else," Reynolds says. "I think that could be played up more. He's an outsider in every way, shape, and form."

Even if Deadpool doesn't hook up with a boyfriend in Deadpool 2, Ryan says there's still plenty of time. Mr. Reynolds says he'll play Deadpool for as long as the franchise endures and reveals they have enough story ideas for several more films.

[Featured Image by Lars Niki/Getty Images]