Wonder Girls Set To Disband & Leave JYP Entertainment? -- Did TWICE Sideline Them At JYP?

Wonder Girls could soon be no more. All Kpop reports that the girl group created by JYP Entertainment could soon be disbanded with some sources saying that at least one of the members may be looking for a new agency.

As All Kpop reports, JYP's contract with Wonder Girls is set to expire this year and there has been no indication yet on whether it will be renewed.

A source from another agency has reportedly met with one member of the four-member girl group but was hesitant to disclose details of their meeting since the girls are technically still under contract with JYP.

"It's true that we've met with one Wonder Girls member for a discussion; however, their contract [with JYPE] has not yet been terminated so it's difficult for us to share our stance," the source allegedly said.

Another insider source reportedly said that the other members may be looking at getting into new careers.

"There's one member looking for a company that will support her musical talents whereas there are some members who are looking into acting, MC-ing, and more," the source said, according to All Kpop.

As Koreaboo notes, the Wonder Girls members have been working together for 10 years now, so in a way it makes sense that they would want to explore new opportunities.


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The news of a possible disbandment comes after the ladies of Wonder Girls took their artistic control to new levels in 2016.

As Yonhap News reported at the time, "Why So Lonely," released last year on an EP of the same name, was the first Wonder Girls title track that was not composed by Park Jin-Young, the founder of JYP Entertainment.

The Wonder Girls members said they saw it as finally "walking out of his shadow."

"Park Jin-young sent us a long message in the group chat after we released the album 'I Feel You' in August," said Sunmi.

"He said he won't be writing lead songs for Wonder Girls albums any more, and told us to make one. He seemed to have more trust in us since he saw us work on the last album," the 24-year-old singer said.

The "Why So Lonely" lyrics were written by Wonder Girls members Yubin, Sunmi, and Hyerim but Yonhap News reports that all four girls worked on the song.

The music was composed by Sunmi and Hyerim in collaboration with composer Hong Ji-sang.

"The lyrics are about the lonely feeling after a romantic relationship, material that many people can sympathize with," Yeun said when they introduced the song to the world.

"In the old days, idol music used to be nothing but completely commercialized. But idols grow up, too. Now these grown idols have reached the point where they tell their own story in their own style," she continued.

In their 10 years of existence, Wonder Girls has definitely paved the way for K-pop girl groups that have come after them.

As Koreaboo notes, one of their first songs, "Tell Me," became a huge hit and is still covered to this day by younger girl groups.

The news of a possible Wonder Girls disbandment has caused some fans to speculate that the older group is being sidelined in favor of a younger group under the JYP umbrella, TWICE. The same type of speculation was made when YG Entertainment disbanded 2NE1. In that case, there were claims that it was done to favor Blackpink.Do you think that Wonder Girls will disband? If they do, do you think it will be because of their own separate ambitions or because they've been pushed aside by TWICE. Let us know in the comments section below.

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