Meghan Markle And Prince Harry: Will Meghan Ditch Prince Harry For James Bond?

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are enjoying their first real vacation together, and it's as romantic as it gets. Harry is romancing Meghan in Norway, where the couple are watching the Northern Lights and finally taking time to fully focus on each other. The Telegraph reported that the Prince has taken Markle "to the edge of the Arctic Circle" for a romantic Northern Lights getaway that a Prince Harry insider says the royal hopes "Meg will never forget."

It's "latest milestone in their blossoming relationship," and both are free for at least two weeks. Prince Harry has cleared his calendar of royal engagements, and Markle doesn't have to be back in Toronto to resume Suits filming until the spring.

Meghan and Harry have 14 days to be together without interruptions or appointments, but this first vacay could turn out to be their last, according to the International Business Times.

The outlet reports that "Markle may soon be tempted" to turn to James Bond for romance as she edges closer and closer to becoming the next Bond girl. The next installment of the "iconic spy franchise" is planned to hit theaters in 2018.

If Meghan accepts the Bond girl role, it could " threaten the romance" with Harry, and not just because even a royal prince might have a hard time competing with 007.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are still together but will James Bond change that?
Will Meghan Markle be the next Bond girl? [Image by Darren McCollester/Getty Images for REEBOK]

The insider said that Harry is committed to his relationship with Meghan and hopes to strengthen it with the Norwegian getaway.

"Harry is determined to do everything possible to make this work."
But if James Bond is calling, that could make a future together logistically almost impossible for Meghan, 35, and Harry, 32.

The demands of filming a Bond film would leave Meghan almost completely unavailable for alone time with Prince Harry. When the prince's own hectic schedule is added to the mix, the future doesn't look good for Meghan and Harry.

Prince Harry wants to make it work with Meghan Markle
Will Meghan Markle stay with Prince Harry if she's the next Bond girl? [Image by Alastair Grant - WPA Pool/Getty Images]

The odds are shortening, and Markle is tipped "as a genuine contender" to be Bond's love interest in the next film. Bookmaker Paddy Power is sure enough that he's placed Markle at 10/1, right after hot favorite Margot Robbie who is currently at 13/2 in the betting books.

Daniel Craig is the most recent incarnation of James Bond, but he may not become Markle's character's lover. Craig has already said that he "would rather break this glass and slash my wrists [than do another movie]."

Even if Meghan's co-star in the next Bond film turns out to be someone else, industry insiders see Meghan as a huge attraction in her own right because of her royal romance.

As her "standing grows" with producers, it might also be enough to "tip the balance" with Craig. "The opportunity to act alongside Markle" could be just what Craig needs to convince him to star in one more Bond movie.

A spokesperson for Power said that part of the attraction is Meghan's high profile as a royal girlfriend. Audiences see that she's already prepared for the upper-crust British aspect of Bond's character.

"A potential on-screen romance with Daniel Craig would have plenty of credibility – as she's first hand experience of canoodling with British royalty."
Fans might wonder how the rest of the royal family would feel if Meghan becomes the Bond girl and manages to maintain her relationship with Prince Harry. It's a safe bet that Markle would have a fan in her boyfriend's brother, Prince William, and in William's wife, Kate Middleton.
With the romance between Meghan and Prince Harry "heating up," according to the L.A. Times, Markle will have to put some serious thought into how important her acting career is. Turning down the opportunity to be the next Bond girl would be a really tough decision, but it might be even tougher to turn down a chance to become a princess!

What do you think? Will Meghan be the next Bond girl, and if she is, will she stay with Prince Harry?

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