Netflix Movies And Series: Review Of ‘One Day At A Time,’ And ‘Coin Heist’

Netflix provides some of the best movies and series in our modern era; One Day at a Time and Coin Heist are the latest in original series and movies added to Netflix. Netflix original movies tend to be hit or miss, but they have a reputation for creating some of the best series. But many think that tackling a legendary show like One Day at a Time is a bold move.

Review of Netflix's One Day at a Time

Norman Lear is known as a creative genius when it comes to television series. If you watched TV in the '70s or '80s it was nearly impossible to watch a show without it being developed or produced by Lear: Maude, Sanford and Son, Good Times, The Jeffersons, The Facts of Life, and One Day at a Time(to name just a few). Now 40 years later after its initial debut, Norman Lear returns as an Executive Producer for the reboot of One Day at a Time on Netflix.

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The Plot

Like many of Lear's series, when One Day at a Time was originally released in 1975 it pushed the envelope and boundaries of American culture and was considered controversial. The groundbreaking show broke social norms, introducing America to the first divorced mom on a TV show, and embodied the spirit of independent women.

This time around, the show focuses on three generations of a Cuban-American family living in the same house. The main character (Penelope portrayed by Justina Machado) is a recently separated military mom who is raising her daughter and son with the aid of her mother (played by Rita Moreno). A story about a single mom may no longer be considered an envelope-pushing show, but the series tackles many modern issues faced by millions of people. CNN described some of the plot points for One Day at a Time on Netflix.

"One episode weaves in a storyline about Penelope's struggle to get help from Veteran Affairs. Another tackles equal pay when Penelope finds out a less qualified male co-worker makes the same amount of money as she does. Another features a subplot about a young friend of Penelope's daughter whose parents are deported."

The Delivery

From the recognizable theme (though slightly updated) of One Day at a Time to punch lines that you see coming a mile away (followed by canned laughter from a laugh track), this series definitely has an old-school feel to it. If you are an avid fan of sitcoms from yesteryear, then you will probably enjoy this show. But don't expect too many laugh-out-loud moments, though there are a few. It's better to go into this series wanting to watch a story of a family working to survive together, and if you laugh a little along the way then consider that a bonus.

There isn't much appeal for those that don't relate to the characters or issues that the show tackles. The best TV series transcends the characters' social situations and appeals to a mass audience. You don't have to be a wealthy radio host living in a luxurious condo to appreciate Frasier. You don't have to have a nine-to-five corporate job to find The Office hilarious. And you certainly don't have to be a former convict or a woman to find Orange is the New Black compelling. But because of a lack of laugh-out-loud moments, it may be difficult for those that don't immediately relate to the characters of Netflix's One Day at a Time to enjoy the show.

But overall, the series is done well and it's worth watching at least one episode to see if it is your cup of coffee.

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Review Of Netflix's Coin Heist

Netflix original movies don't always hit the mark, and most critics think they usually miss it by a large margin. The Fundamentals of Happiness was considered a success among both critics and audiences, but they panned many Netflix movies like The True Memoirs of an International Assassin and The Ridiculous 6. So when Coin Heist was recently released, Netflix subscribers wondered if it would be worth watching.

The Plot

To save their school, four high school students band together and combine their talents to rob the U.S. Mint. Sound ridiculous? If you can suspend your disbelief with movies like Oceans 11 or The Italian Job, then you will have no issues doing so with this film.

The Delivery

This is a surprisingly enjoyable story, and you don't have to be a teenager to appreciate it. Unlike most movies focused on high school students, the character development feels real and genuine. In fact, the film is focused more on character building than the actual heist itself (which is only a small part of the film). And with this being directed by Emily Hagins (who made her first film at the age of 12), Netflix audiences shouldn't be surprised that the characters are so believable. RogerEbert describes why Coin Heist is a great addition to original Netflix movies.
"What Makes Hagins a singular talent is not just the freshness of her perspective, but its wholehearted earnestness. She is entirely uninterested in utilizing the sort of edgy trope designed to boost the hipness factor for teen movies… Hagins maintains a suspension of our disbelief for much of the film's running time, while building palpable thrills in some nail-biting set-pieces, particularly during the second half."
If you like movies with believable characters, a fun and adventurous plot, and you can appreciate far-fetched stories then you will most likely enjoy Netflix's Coin Heist. And most would agree after seeing the quality of the film that Netflix original movies are starting to improve greatly.


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