Aaron Rodgers’ Playoff Record Energizes Fans For Wild Card With Giants

Aaron Rodgers could be the NFL’s most valuable player (MVP). But according to CBS Sports, Aaron Rodgers’ playoff record is not as good as Eli Manning’s, specifically, at Lambeau Field. That is where both quarterbacks will be this Sunday when the Green Bay Packers host the New York Giants, for the wild-card playoff game.

Without a doubt, both Aaron Rodgers and Eli Manning are “legends” in their positions, which should leave them in pretty good standing with the Hall Of Fame when they retire, making this one of the most important playoff games on record. If there is any truth to the idea that Rodgers is the reason for Green Bay’s better-than-average playoff record; he can be attributed for the reason the Packers have won seven out of eight yearly playoff games.

According to a collection of stats from the Pro Football Reference, Aaron Rodgers ranks at No. 21 which is down from Tom Brady, who has the most wins. Aaron has seven wins and six losses as opposed to Brady’s 22 wins and nine losses. Manning has him beat with a close eight wins but no more than three losses. Considering the fact that Aaron was only backing Brett Favre when he was a quarterback during the first three years of his NFL career with the Packers, his near-matching wins are substantial.

It should also be noted that Aaron Rodgers has been out of 21 total games according to Sports Injury Predictor, as opposed to Eli Manning who has never been out of any, other than getting surgery for an ankle injury during an off-season.

With Aaron Rodgers, Green Bay Could Win NFC Again

Aaron Rodgers (left) and Eli Manning (right) having a chat during game in 2010. [Image by Jim Prisching/AP Images]

Some analysts, looking at plays the New York Giants have made in the past, anticipate blitzes against the Packers’ quarterback because the Giants’ defensive coordinator, Steve Spagnuolo, is apparently fully dependent on his corners. According to the MMQB, the reason they’ve often made those kinds of plays in the past, and might make them again, is because they expect Rodgers to extend his plays, so the Giants have to keep their defenders there.

The wild-cards are the games that are determined by an abnormal win, but New York and Green Bay have a history of playing each other during the playoffs, with the Packers having a 4-to-3 edge. As mentioned, it would appear that winning Lambeau Field means everything to these teams. But with Green Bay being “on a roll” during the postseason, many feel that the Packers might have this one in the bag.

Even in a report by the Associated Press, Giants’ linebacker Jonathan Casillas admitted to Aaron Rodgers’ strengths.

“Inside the pocket he can shred you, he can make all the throws.”

Green Bay Packers Expect To Go All The Way

Aaron Rodgers continues his near record breaking playoff streak
Aaron Rodgers seems unbeatable this season. Giants are hoping to change that. [Image by Rick Scuteri/AP Images]

During the last game of the 2016 NFL regular season, Aaron Rodgers was credited with the 31-24 win over the Lions, after tossing four touchdown passes.

To add to the quarterback’s playoff record, prior to his game against the Lions, Inquisitir took a brief look at his 2016 stats, as well as his “bold” prediction about the upcoming playoff games as Aaron Rodgers sees it.

The 33-year old’s nearly impeccable playoff record — as Inquisitr points out — is what makes him one of the top MVP contenders, and worthy of another shot at the Super Bowl. Thus far, everyone agrees that Aaron Rodgers is at the top of his game, and with his record, Green Bay could very well pull off another NFC win, easily.

[Featured Image by Paul Sancya/AP Images]