‘This Is Us’ Actress Chrissy Metz Seen In Wheelchair: What Happened And Will She Be Attending The Golden Globes?

When This is Us actress Chrissy Metz was spotted arriving at LAX in a wheelchair, rumors started flying immediately. The first thought to cross everyone’s minds was that Chrissy had decided to undergo gastric bypass surgery, just as her character Kate Pearson is considering doing on the show. Metz spoke out to several media outlets after being seen in the wheelchair and shared she did not have surgery. Chrissy actually hurt her knee while she was on vacation over the holidays.

Entertainment Weekly caught up with Chrissy to ask her about her injury and to talk about her incredible first Golden Globe nomination for Best Supporting Actress for her role on This is Us. Metz said she does not know what happened to her knee. Chrissy said her and her family were hiking at a nature preserve in Gainsville, Florida, and it is possible she injured her knee while there.

Chrissy suffered a meniscus tear and says the doctors are going to see if physical therapy will help her before they consider surgical repair. The good news provided to Chrissy by her doctor was that the tear is a proper athlete tear and not a tear flap. Metz says she had a cortisone shot and the physicians caring for her are waiting to assess the tear further when the inflammation goes down.

Chrissy said she is not in much pain, but rather more of a discomfort due to swelling. Metz said, “I had a cortisone shot and I’m praying that it’s going to kick on in, and I can just dance around like Paula Abdul. I mean, that’s my hope because I’m a positive Polly. But I’m fine, it’s really the inflammation that is so frustrating because it causes the slow pace of the walking. But other than that, I’m great!”

Metz is scheduled to resume filming This is Us today and Chrissy stated that her injury will not affect that. She went on to say that she will just sit as much as possible, but she will be going to work.

With her knee being injured, will Chrissy still be attending the Golden Globes this weekend? Metz has already been joking around about possible ways she can accept her award with her bummed knee should she win. When asked if she will for sure be there, Chrissy said, “I wouldn’t miss this! Are you kidding? No way.”

Elle caught up with Metz and she had the following to say about her Golden Globe nomination.

“I was so excited because I know how hard everyone worked and how much passion and love they put into the show, and I think it really shows. I’m still feeling very, very excited. I couldn’t text people fast enough.”

Many fans are rooting for and hoping to hear Chrissy’s name and This is Us called as winners when the Golden Globes take place this weekend.

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Along with attending the awards comes the anticipation of seeing the stylish gowns actresses show up wearing. Chrissy always looks stylish and everyone can’t wait to see what dress she wears to the Golden Globes. Metz admitted the dress she wore to the Critics’ Choice Awards was designed by her stylist and herself. Chrissy said her stylist found the beautiful floral fabric, Metz loved it and they had the dress made.

Metz had not decided what dress she would be wearing to the Golden Globes, but said, “We’ve reached out to a few people and a few have reached out to us. We’re not sure exactly who’s going to be doing it yet, but we definitely have some ideas. The fact that I’m even having a conversation about a conversation about a dress is so crazy—this is what you dream of!”

Whatever she wears Chrissy will no doubt be stunning.

After Chrissy’s big Golden Globe weekend, This is Us will return for all new episodes next week. When the drama aired its winter finale, Toby suffered a heart attack and fans cannot wait to find out his fate. Entertainment Weekly tried to get a hint from Metz about Toby’s fate, but had no luck.

When asked about Toby living or dying, Chrissy said, “I’m sorry, the phone’s cutting out. I don’t know what you said. What?” She laughed and concluded, “Oh, I heard you but I don’t know what you’re saying.”

While Chrissy would not spill the beans, the good news is the show’s creator, Dan Fogelman, revealed fans will know Toby’s fate within the first five minutes of the episode.

Stay tuned for more news on Chrissy Metz and the hit drama This is Us. New episodes of This is Us begin January 10 on NBC.

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