WWE News: NJPW Star Kenny Omega Says He Is Stepping Away From Japan, Possible WWE Jump Upcoming?

NJPW star Kenny Omega has been in the news a lot lately, and after his match at Wrestle Kingdom 11, many feel that he could have stepped up as one of the best workers in the world if not the best, but the question still remains whether Omega will jump to WWE. A lot of people believed a jump was happening in 2017, but rumors ran rampant that not only was Omega not interested, but he also signed a new multi-year deal to stay with NJPW.

This rumor then grew strong leading into Wrestle Kingdom 11 when it seemed that after signing a big deal to stay, he would defeat Kazuchika Okada to become the IWGP Heavyweight Champion. It seemed ordained as if the world knew the turning point had happened when a Junior Heavyweight could not just jump up a weight class, but he could win the G1 Climax and take out the top babyface in the company as the top heel going in.

The match was phenomenal and a match of the year candidate. The situation now is that he lost when most felt that after signing he would easily win. Now, many are under the impression that his contract was never renewed for multiple years, but rather it is set to expire soon and he could still leave. Kenny Omega could very well be jumping to WWE.

Kenny Omega
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His comments on Twitter certainly led to many assuming his time in Japan was coming to an end.

He explained, “I will be stepping away from Japan to reassess my future. The path of my journey may change, but my goals will not.”

He would then comment back to a person asking him if nothing was for sure.

“There is no plan. My schedule is cleared and I’m weighing all options. I’ve a lot to consider. Thx for the patience/support”

He wanted to leave a huge impression on his time in Japan after the main event performance he had with Okada. He was able to deliver something special for the fans, and that is huge. However, he could always leave. Many believe he is stepping away because he needs to rest up after such a grueling schedule over the last few months. Others believe he is injured and is taking time off to heal.

Omega G1 Press Conference
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However, the vocal few believe that he could be leaving NJPW for the WWE and is really having a tough time doing it. Kenny Omega has given his all to NJPW and independent wrestling the last number of years. He certainly lives up to the hype. WWE really wants him, and they have tried to sign him numerous times, only to be turned down.

Many fans wonder why he would sign a new deal and not win the IWGP Heavyweight Title when it made more sense for him to win over Okada. If NJPW truly wanted to start a war with WWE and go against them with their top stars, they need Kenny Omega to connect the bridge to the American audience. Omega is fluent in both Japanese and English. He was the one doing most of the press for the event as well.

Kenny Omega made you want to see the Wrestle Kingdom 11 event, and he was the one that made people want to watch NJPW more in 2016. Why in the world would you not crown the man champion when he is the perfect connecting tool to the rest of the world? This is especially questionable if he did, indeed, sign a new multi-year deal as rumored.

Omega Bucks
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Meanwhile, if they did not because he signed a new contract, then it makes sense to think that he is leaving to join the WWE. It would be the only place he would leave NJPW for. While he has said in the past that he would love to be the legend that never worked for the WWE, he has also claimed he would love to main event WrestleMania one day.

That said, he very well could take time off to heal up from an injury, or he could take some time away to decide whether to leave for the WWE or stay in NJPW. Many would like him to stay, but the fame and opportunities WWE could create for him would be a lot to pass up on. Sting waited far too long to give WWE a shot. It would be bad for Kenny Omega to do the same thing, knowing the kind of impact he could make in pro wrestling if he jumped sooner rather than later.

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