Knicks To Play Home Opener In Storm Ravaged New York, Wade To Donate $200K To Hurricane Relief

The New York Knicks home opener against the Miami Heat will go on as scheduled despite the fact that much of New York is still without power.

The NBA decided to cancel the Brooklyn Nets home opener last night and Dwyane Wade believes that the league should have done the same for the Knicks’ game tonight.

Wade said:

“Just knowing a lot of people here and knowing what they’ve been going through with no power, no water, no food … to me, it just seems like there’s bigger things to be concerned about than a basketball game. I just felt that they canceled the game in Brooklyn, then this one would be canceled as well.”

Wade isn’t happy that he has to play in New York tonight when there are still so many people suffering but the NBA star isn’t making a big fuss about it. Instead, he’ll use the money from tonight’s game, all $210,000 of it, and donate it to a charity for hurricane relief.


Wade’s teammate Lebron James has a slightly different perspective about tonight’s game. James said that hurricane relief is obviously more important than a basketball game but he also believes that some people will be able to use the game to forget about their troubles for a few hours.

James said:

“I think we’re all in agreement when we say that getting everything situated and getting everything back up and running from the hurricane is more important than a basketball game, but there’s also people that believe that we need this basketball game for a lot of spirits and a lot of families … I’m happy to be here to play a basketball game, but at the same time, if the people that’s here at the basketball game or you know the people that’s helping out with this game, could give their efforts to make the city run or make these families come out of this situation, then I think that’s more important.”

Do you think the NBA made the right decision by keeping the Miami Heat / New York Knicks game on the schedule?