Cary Deuber Hints LeeAnne Locken Is Miserable In Her Relationship: ‘RHOD’ 2 Storyline?

Cary Deuber is excited about returning for a second season of The Real Housewives of Dallas, even though she will have to see LeeAnne Locken. It’s no secret that these two didn’t exactly get along last season, and Cary didn’t appreciate how LeeAnne kept saying things about her marriage. Before Deuber ever started filming the first season of The Real Housewives of Dallas, she was addressing rumors about her marriage. Apparently, many people thought that Cary had cheated with her husband while he was married to someone else. She had gotten the label of a home wrecker, even though he was separated at the time and devoted to making things work with Cary. Now, Deuber is speaking out about her friction with LeeAnne, and it sounds like things haven’t improved in Dallas.

According to a new YouTube video, Cary Deuber revealed that she just wants LeeAnne to leave her alone. In an interview with Domenick Nati on the Domenick Nati Show, Deuber opened up about how she feels about LeeAnne. Interestingly, Cary reveals that she does think LeeAnne is a good girl who may mean well, but there’s something about Cary that Locken just can’t wrap her head around. And she has a theory that it has to do with her happy marriage.

“Umm, you know, I think LeeAnne is a good girl. I think I just rub her the wrong way,” Cary Deuber explained during the interview, adding, “I think she generally has an issue with me.”

On the first season of The Real Housewives of Dallas, Cary Deuber learned that Locken had plenty of things to say about her co-star’s marriage. In fact, she seemed to be the one pushing the issue about how Cary and her husband got back together. And during the reunion special, Deuber ended up walking out because she was so hurt that someone would keep pushing a cheating rumor that wasn’t true. But these days, Deuber reveals that it is silly that someone would continue to attack her marriage as if she doesn’t have anything else to do.

“You know, it’s kind of silly and I think that, you know, those things were brought up, like you said, it’s kind of a jealous situation. A lot of times when people aren’t as happy as someone else, they throw rocks and they want to bring them down. I’m not going to let that happen,” Deuber revealed during the interview, sharing that she won’t let Locken ruin her happiness with her husband over these silly rumors.

“That’s kind of how I feel, that’s how people can be. If they are not necessarily happy, ‘I’m going to make them unhappy.’ When I’m just like, ‘Just be happy,'” Cary Deuber reveals during the interview, hinting that LeeAnne is just going after her because she’s miserable in her own relationship.

And maybe Cary has a point. During The Real Housewives of Dallas, Locken revealed that she really wants to get engaged to her boyfriend. But he wasn’t exactly eager to get a ring and get down on one knee. Maybe Deuber has something that Locken desires, and she wants to hurt her co-star rather than accept that she isn’t engaged or married.

“I don’t want to be miserably like you. I want to be happy like me,” Cary Deuber ends the discussion about Locken, hinting that LeeAnne is just a miserable person who brings down other people who are happy in their relationships.

During the interview, she also revealed that they are indeed filming the second season, addressing the rumors about the show being canceled with the following statement, “Yeah, we are in the process, we’ll see. I’ll keep you posted.”

Could this feud be a storyline on the second season of The Real Housewives of Dallas? Possibly. Deuber may not be eager to forgive her co-star for spreading rumors about her marriage, and Locken may not be eager to admit that she was wrong in what she did. Only time will tell whether this issue surfaces on the upcoming season.

What do you think about Cary Deuber’s theory that LeeAnne Locken is only going after her happy marriage because she’s miserable in her own relationship?

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