Michelle Obama's 'Real' Feelings About Hillary Clinton And Melania Trump Is The Caveat For $20 Million Book Deal

As Michelle Obama prepares to leave the White House with her husband and two daughters, book publishers are willing and ready to pay her a hefty sum for a juicy memoir. There are caveats to the book deal -- she must be honest and open up about her real feelings regarding Hillary Clinton, Melania Trump, and raising her daughters in the public eye.

The Daily Mail reports that it's not just Michelle Obama being offered the book deal, but her husband as well. Publishers insist readers want all of the dirty details and none of the fluff. Both will get a $20 million advance each if they spill the goods. Competitive New York publishers are saying that the Obama might write a dual memoir that could earn them millions more after the president hands the reins over to Donald Trump as the nation's leader.

Several well-placed editors and publishers spoke on the condition of anonymity, according to the report. All of them reveal that bidding will be high in an effort to get the president and Michelle Obama to provide their deepest thoughts on what everyone wants to know about their life in the White House the past eight years.

Michelle Obama is more sellable than the president, publishers explain. She may get even more upfront if she's willing to tell how she truly feels about Hillary Clinton and the incoming first lady. It's been reported that the first lady doesn't like the former Democratic presidential nominee but campaigned for her in the weeks leading up to the 2016 election anyway.

Then there's the day she probably never thought she'd see -- greeting Melania Trump as the incoming first lady. What went through her mind when she came face-to-face with the woman who delivered practically the same speech at the Republican convention last summer that she did at the Democratic convention years ago? What was their meeting like on November 10?

Michelle Obama Book Deal To Spill Dishy Gossip
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"Mrs. Obama needs to give gossipy White House dish – the ups and downs of her marriage, horror stories about raising her two daughters in the public spotlight," one publisher said.

What was Mrs. Obama's reaction to learning about the pot-smoking scandal that daughter Malia was embroiled in? She was caught on video smoking a funny looking cigarette at the Lollapalooza music festival in Chicago last summer. The 18-year-old was in the headlines for months about her wild partying ways that tabloids claim left her parents embarrassed.

For their $30, readers will want to know all of these details. Publishers also want Michelle Obama's insights on other people, including Ivanka Trump. President-elect Donald Trump's daughter will be playing an active role in Washington, D.C., along with her husband, Jared Kushner.

"That and more and we'd have to do ten huge printings. But Michelle has to open up about all of that. The days of staid presidential and first lady memoirs are long over. We're in a tabloid world," a publishing executive explained.

Michelle Obama Book Deal To Spill Juicy White House Gossip
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As for President Obama, publishers want him to reveal his real feelings about various political scandals.

"We want to hear what the president's true reaction was when Benghazi happened, when he first learned about Mrs. Clinton's secret email server, and how he felt about Mrs. Clinton's failed candidacy, and his true feeling about Donald Trump – all of that needs to be told in no uncertain terms, because that's what the public – the book buyers – are interested in hearing," the publisher said.

Books will be priced at $30 each and are planned to have all of these details and more. What will Mrs. Obama reveal about Hillary Clinton, Melania Trump, and her daughters? What will her husband spill in his memoir? It'll be interesting to see if they take publishers up on their offers. According to the report, Michelle Obama is quietly working on a book now.

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