‘Sons Of Anarchy’ Spinoff News: Jax Teller’s Resurrection For ‘Mayans MC’ Prequel?

The Sons of Anarchy TV series was one of the best received, and most exciting TV shows of recent years. If you are one of the few people who didn’t become an avid fan of Sons of Anarchy, here’s a brief synopsis. Sons of Anarchy, created by writer Kurt Sutter, are a motorcycle gang based in California. Charlie Hunnam stars as Jax Teller who becomes the gang’s president as he tries to negotiate Samcro, (Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club, Redwood Originals) through a series of rivalries and criminal enterprises.

Teller attempts to move the club away from its criminal focus, but succeeds only in getting them drawn deeper into a mire of drugs, guns, violence, murder, and betrayal. The characters in Sons of Anarchy were mean and ruthless but loyal almost to a man. You couldn’t help but fall in love with the Sons of Anarchy cast. Kurt Sutter’s writing was superb and Charlie Hunnam was simply brilliant as Jax Teller.

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Many Sons of Anarchy fans were distraught when the seventh season of the show ended with Teller riding to his death on his father’s motorcycle, arms outstretched as if in crucifixion, he rode into the path of a truck as the show came to a dramatic close. With Teller dead, Kurt Sutter obviously felt that Sons of Anarchy had reached it conclusion.


Throughout the seven seasons of Sons of Anarchy, Samcro’s main protagonists were a rival motorcycle gang called the Mayans. Since Sons of Anarchy ended Sutter has been under pressure to continue the story. With Teller dead, Sutter decided that a new series focusing on the Mayans MC was the best option. As a result, a new show, set before the Sons of Anarchy was the way to go.

Sons Of Anarchy Spinoff: The Mayan MC

Sutter has decided to tell the story of the Mayan MC, by way of a Sons of Anarchy spinoff, set before the story of Samcro began. Whilst prequels of popular shows are hardly unusual Kurt Sutter certainly seems to be taking an unusual approach to the production of the new Sons of Anarchy spinoff. Sutter has told Comic Book that he is relinquishing creative control of the Mayans MC story.

The story of both Sons of Anarchy and the Mayans is Sutter’s creative property, but Sutter “wants the Mayans story to be told through the vision of the people it directly relates to.” To achieve this Sutter has handed creative control of the Mayans story to an almost entirely Latino cast and crew. It seems that Sutter plans to co-control the first season of the Mayans MC story, but if the show gets a second season Kurt plans to relinquish control completely.

“I’ll direct the pilot and my plan is to do this. It’s to honor the mythology that a lot of talented people spent seven years creating so that we transition from that mythology into this new mythology. And my hope is to hire a creative staff that’s based in that culture.”

“So that ultimately my plan will be probably if we’re lucky enough to continue, that I would co-run the first season with someone and then hand off the show to a primarily a creative team of people of color.”

Is Jax Teller Coming Back From The Dead?

Sons of Anarchy fans would love to see more of Jax Teller, and it seems that Charlie Hunnam isn’t ruling out Teller appearing in The Mayans. Hunnam told TMZ that he is “pretty sure” Jax Teller is dead, but he doesn’t rule out “a cameo appearance” in the Sons of Anarchy spinoff.

Amidst admitting that, he didn’t actually know how Sons of Anarchy ended, Hunnam said that if the producers want him to appear in the Mayans spinoff he would be happy to talk.

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According to Dark Horizons Kurt Sutter has also said that John Teller’s manuscript would have a part to play in the Mayans story. Fans of Sons of Anarchy will know that Jax Teller was frequently seen reflecting on a manuscript written by his father. It told of John Tellers plans for Samcro. Throughout the seven seasons of Sons of Anarchy you always had the feeling that Jax Teller was trying to fulfill his father’s legacy. Perhaps the Mayans spinoff will help to complete John Teller’s story.

At present, there is no release date for the Mayans, but Sons of Anarchy fans will be watching developments closely.

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