February 23, 2017
'LHHNY' Star Mariahlynn Visits Dr. Miami For Live Plastic Surgery Consult

Season 7 of Love & Hip Hop: New York is over, and the second half of the reunion show is about to air, so it looks like Mariahlynn might want to get a little work done while her VH1 reality show is on hiatus. The Gwinin team up-and-comer is looking into making a few body changes during her time off, and on Tuesday, Mariahlynn visited with Dr. Miami for a live consult.

The YouTube video for Mariahlynn's plastic surgery consult with Dr. Miami can be viewed by clicking here. Due to the NSFW content and a quick nipple flash during the consult, we can't embed the video directly. However, it is definitely worth a watch for those Mariahlynn fans, or the Dr. Miami fans, or for those who have just wondered what a plastic surgery consultation is like and want to see Dr. Miami in action.

Those who watch Love & Hip Hop: New York know that Mariahlynn is tiny. During the Dr. Miami plastic surgery consult, she revealed her height to be five-foot,one-inch and she weighs in at 105 pounds. Dr. Miami and his team are seen on the YouTube video as they measure various parts of Mariahlynn's body, including her thighs, which happen to be 17 inches around at the thickest, for those who may want to know.

Dr. Miami explained how he helps his clients decide how big they should go when getting breast implants by measuring out from nipple to nipple as well as from the top of the sternum to each nipple. The Snapchat surgeon explained that the measurements should all be equal to each other or as close to it as possible and suggest that Mariahlynn upgrade her already perky bosom to a full C or maybe even a D-cup at the most. Currently, she says she is measuring up as a 34-B.

Mariahlynn also talked to Dr. Miami about getting a butt lift, a procedure that he is best known for. The miracle booty doctor talked to his LHHNY client about the procedure and offered up some information about how he does the fat transfer procedure.

The problem for Mariahlynn is that she has very little fat to transfer. The woman is extremely petite, and Dr. Miami was able to find a tiny bit of maybe fat on the side of her waist, but it probably won't be enough to do the procedure.

Dr. Miami suggested during the consultation that Mariahlynn gains between five and 10 pounds before he tries to enhance her backside simply because she's not meaty enough for a fat transfer at this point. To that, she asked the doctor for tips on how she can gain weight. That question got a pretty comedic answer from the good doctor; he suggested that she eat.

Dr. Miami is becoming pretty famous among celebrities for the magic he works with a scalpel. If Mariahlynn does get some bodywork done by the self-proclaimed "neighborhood butt dealer," it'll look just as great as other reality stars he has worked on like Sky from Black Ink Crew, and Teen Mom 2 star Kailyn Lowry.

Mariahlynn has been featured on two seasons of Love & Hip Hop: New York and said during the visit to Dr. Miami that she would love to do another. Hopefully, she will be back for more VH1 reality TV, especially if she decides to get some work done after her Dr. Miami plastic surgery consult. Her fans will definitely want to see pictures and see how much she has changed.

Be sure to check out the link for Love & Hip Hop: New York star Mariahlynn's plastic surgery consult with Dr. Miami on YouTube. Do you think she should go ahead and let the Dr. Miami work his magic? Sound off in the comments section below.

[Featured Image by Mariahlynn/Instagram]