WWE News: Former WWE Star Calls Ronda Rousey ‘Broken,’ Says WWE Will Never Sign Her Now

Two years ago, Ronda Rousey was one of the hottest things going in professional sports and she had the entire world in front of her. She appeared at WrestleMania 31 with The Rock and speculation began that she would end up in WWE one day after finishing up in UFC. Since then, she has lost two matches in the Octagon, badly, and a former star from WWE says that things have gotten so bad for Rousey since she is now a “broken star” and the wrestling giant will never sign her.

As reported by the Washington Post, Ronda Rousey suffered a brutal and quick defeat to Amanda Nunes at UFC 207. The 48-second defeat in the first round had many thinking that she will never do anything in MMA again. Former WWE star and current ESPN anchor Jonathan Coachman feels as if she won’t do anything in WWE either.

wwe news jonathan coachman ronda rousey broken ufc

Coachman recently appeared on Busted Open, as transcribed by Wrestling Inc., and discussed Rousey’s latest bout. It may be needless to say, but he wasn’t overly complimentary of the former UFC champion and let his full thoughts known on the subject of her working elsewhere.

Without holding much of anything back, Coachman said that he feels as if the WWE fans would not treat her in a fair manner if she were to work for Vince McMahon now.

“They’re never going to bring her in because the fans wouldn’t treat her fairly and what would she really do at this point? When you look at Ronda Rousey now, guys, what do you have that’s any better than she was before the fight? The WWE wouldn’t have taken her before the fight and if people want to tweet out pictures of her and The Rock, guess when that was? WrestleMania 2015, before she ever lost, before any of the dramatics, before any of that.”

Jonathan Coachman said that WWE’s “self-worth is so tied to their professional success,” and that means they won’t bring in someone who just lost. Making matters worse for Ronda Rousey is that she lost so badly and was “devastated” in her loss to Amanda Nunes.

In the ESPN anchor’s opinion, WWE would have to do far too much work to fix Rousey’s “broken” image and he doesn’t feel as if it’s worth the trouble.

A lot of people still feel as if Ronda Rousey will be a huge draw in some form for another company and most likely WWE. The Big Lead even went as far as to offer up a wager of $100 with Coachman that Rousey will be in WWE within 18 months despite her recent loss in UFC.

For now, all seem in agreement that UFC is not an option for Rousey at this time. Her last two fights have been losses and it took her a while to get over her first one before being able to step back into the Octagon for another bout.

wwe news jonathan coachman ronda rousey broken ufc

WWE has expressed a lot of interest in Ronda Rousey in the past and they are pretty certain that she would still be a huge draw. If she were to ever sign with the company, she could work a part-time schedule much like that of Brock Lesnar, and there is no denying how popular that former UFC star is with wrestling fans.

Oh, by the way, Coachman responded on Twitter and decided not to take the bet because he doesn’t believe in making wagers when “it’s not a fair fight.”

Ronda Rousey is still a huge star and it isn’t like these two losses in UFC are going to end her entire career and have her doing nothing for the rest of existence. She may still end up working in movies and maybe another MMA promotion of some sort and it is still possible that she is signed by WWE in the future. No one knows for sure what the future holds, but Jonathan Coachman believes the “broken star” has no shot of ever being featured on a WrestleMania card.

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