Erika Girardi Gives Update On Yolanda Foster And Dorit Kemsley Relationship

During Erika Girardi’s appearance on Andy Cohen’s talk show Watch What Happens Live on Tuesday night, she gave an update on how her friend and former The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills co-star Yolanda Foster is doing. Erika also gave an update on how things are between her and newbie Dorit Kemsley.

During the after-show portion of the talk show, host Andy Cohen read a viewer’s question asking Erika about Yolanda and Dorit. Not surprisingly, Erika gave a positive response when it came to Yolanda. Erika said that Yolanda’s doing well.

“Yolanda’s good. I spoke with her right before Christmas.”

Erika joined the cast on Season 6 as Yolanda’s friend. During her introduction, Erika explained that she and Yolanda became friends through their husbands. At that time, Yolanda was married to music composer David Foster. One of Erika’s first scenes on the show showed her and her husband, attorney Tom Girardi, visiting Yolanda and David at their home.

Throughout Season 6, Yolanda and Erika remained good friends and stuck by one another. Erika defended Yolanda when some of the other women, such as Lisa Rinna, began questioning Yolanda’s Lyme disease diagnoses. Erika made it clear that she thought that the speculation that Yolanda was faking the extent of her Lyme disease or perhaps didn’t have Lyme disease at all, but Munchausen’s syndrome was silly and unfair. Yolanda pointed out that it didn’t make sense for Yolanda, who previously led such a vibrant and exciting life, to restrict herself to bed for months on end just for sympathy.

On the day Season 6 premiered, Yolanda made the shock announcement that she and David were divorcing. The Season 6 finale episode showed Erika visiting Yolanda in her new condo. During their conversation together, Yolanda said that she received texts from the other women after news broke of the divorce but that she hasn’t responded to them because she’s not sure she can trust them. Yolanda noted that Erika was the only one she has confided in.

Regarding the demise of her marriage, Yolanda simply said that she and David stopped making each other happy.

“I’m getting used to it. Before I got married, I moved my family to move together with David. But it feels good to be back on my own. In your own space. If you stop making each other happy, then you shouldn’t be together.”

On The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 6 reunion show, where Erika Girardi sat beside Yolanda Foster, Yolanda talked more in detail about what went wrong with David Foster.

“It didn’t just happen overnight. I got sick a couple of months before we got married, and I dropped off the planet. Being chronically ill for that long takes the life out of you, but also your caretaker…We had a falling out on November 2, and we both just had to make conscious decisions on where this is going. I didn’t think that that was the end of the road. I would have hoped to wait until I got 100 percent well.”

Yolanda also admitted that she and David would probably still be together if it wasn’t for her ill health.

“Yeah, we probably would be together, to be honest with you, yes. Because we were a great team. I’ve lost my best friend, but it’s life.”

Yolanda got even more emotional when Lisa Rinna claimed that during her birthday party dinner, Lisa Vanderpump, who is good friends with Yolanda’s first husband Mohamed Hadid, quipped, “There goes our f**king story line,” after Yolanda left early due to not feeling well. Lisa R. further claimed that Lisa V. “encouraged” her to say the word “Munchausen” via “ten f–king phone calls.”

Yolanda got so upset that she broke down in tears and walked off the set. Erika ran after Yolanda and comforted her in her dressing room.

In June, Yolanda Foster announced that she was leaving the show. In an Instagram post, Yolanda said that she was eager to get her privacy back and concentrate on her health. She also indicated that it was her decision to leave the show by using the word “choice” in her post.

On Watch What Happens Live, in regards to Dorit Kemsley, Erika surprisingly revealed that she and Dorit have moved on from their drama with one another. Erika added that it’s hard to see what happened months ago play out on the air and have to re-hash and re-live it.

“Dorit and I have managed to move on a bit. We actually wrapped it up a little bit. It’s hard to see these things, you know, re-opened…it kinds sucks.

Erika also denied, after Andy made the implication, that Dorit’s jealous of her.

“No, I don’t think she’s jealous of me. That’s just who she is.”

Erika did, however, admit that she didn’t like how Dorit and her husband, PK, talked about how she didn’t wear underwear and, according to them, flashed PK during a pre-party group gathering.

“Well I tried to forget it and move on because I knew I’d have to see him [PK] again. But, it doesn’t feel good. It’s an embarrassing thing, and it doesn’t feel good for sure.”

The latest The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills episodes have shown Dorit and Erika clashing, not just over how Erika didn’t wear underwear and may or may not have flashed PK, but also over Dorit defending “British humor.” In one episode, when Dorit said that Americans just don’t understand British humor, Erika quickly retorted that Dorit’s American. On the latest episode, when Dorit questioned whether it really is hard for a woman in her 40s to stay relevant in the music industry, as Erika claimed, Erika shot back that Dorit has only been 40 for a week. In her confessional interviews, Dorit has suggested that Erika’s really just “snooty,” “cold” and “frigid” rather than introverted as she claims. Dorit has also called Erika’s music career a “hobby.”

Yet it really does seem that Erika Girardi and Dorit Kemsley are fine with one another now. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Dorit last week tweeted that she and Erika are “all good.”

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