Wendy's Twitter Has Not Been Hacked -- Twitter Troll Gets Owned By Fast-Food Giant, Deletes Account

The customer is not always right, and leave it to Wendy's Twitter to set the record straight. At least that's what happened when some random person decided to question the fast-food giant about whether they were telling the truth about their claim to never freeze their beef. Wendy's response was ice cold, and it can only be assumed that the guy who tried to troll them was so embarrassed and overwhelmed by the response that he decided to delete the Twitter account as the internet cheered for Wendy's and roasted him.

According to Grubstreet, it all started on December 30 when Wendy's tweeted out a message to remind hamburger lovers that their beef is always fresh, never frozen. That's when the former Twitter user, who went by the handle @NHride, decided to question Wendy's on their never-frozen promise.

"@Wendys your beef is frozen and we all know it," the Twitter troll wrote. "Y'all know we laugh at your slogan 'fresh, never frozen' right? Like you're really a joke."

It must have been an off day for whoever runs Wendy's social media because the back and forth started out cordial. However, @NHride continued to degrade the quality of Wendy's beef, they went savage and ended up trolling the troll.

"You're wrong, we've only ever used fresh beef since we were founded in 1969," Wendy's Twitter responded back in the most polite way.

You'd think that whoever was behind the @NHride Twitter identity and decided to call himself (or herself) Thuggy-D would just give up there. That was not the case, though, and this exchange got even more hilarious.

That's when Thuggy-D decided to divert and drag someone else into the argument. That someone else happened to be McDonald's, but that didn't stop Wendy's from completely owning their tormentor before making him want to run away and disappear from the social media site.

After that, it looks like Thuggy-D just couldn't take the heat. In the comments section for the last Twitter exchange between Wendy's and their argumentative troll, someone who was watching the exchange go down shared news that Thuggy-D deleted their Twitter account. Apparently, it was way too hot in that kitchen and he got burned!

This isn't the first time that Wendy's has run wild on Twitter, letting some of the most obnoxious social media trolls know that they aren't the one. It has even been suggested that maybe Wendy's got a new social media marketing plan for the new year because some of their clap backs lately have been super sassy. While their responses to some of the biggest haters on the internet have been hilarious, it's definitely a diversion from typical customer service.

A similar thing happened last year on Facebook when Target seemingly went after conservatives who were throwing a fit about their very inclusive bathroom policies and again when they were gender neutral with their toys. That turned out not to actually be an official Target account, though, and instead was revealed as a very crafty internet user who managed to make their account look very official.

So when Wendy's started taking their Twitter trolls to task, it at first seemed they may have been hacked. That was definitely not the case, and Wendy's has already confirmed that their clap back against Thuggy-D over whether their meat was really fresh, not frozen was very real. They won't be letting anyone else claim they deliver their raw meat on a hot truck either. For what it's worth, don't even ask them where to find the nearest McDonald's.

[Featured Image by Spencer Platt/Getty Images]