‘Teen Mom 3’ Stars Briana DeJesus And Katie Yeager Both Pregnant With Second Children

It’s going to be a happy new year for Teen Mom 3 stars Briana DeJesus and Katie Yeager as both women are expecting their second babies.

Briana announced on January 2 that she’s expecting her second child in July with a post on Instagram. The former Teen Mom posted a sonogram to her account, adding that her 5-year-old daughter, Nova, isn’t going to be an only child anymore. She shares Nova with ex Devoin Austin, and the couple’s rocky relationship was well-documented on the show.

“Looks like Nova won’t be an only child anymore. Super excited for July”


She followed the sonogram image with a photo of Nova holding a sign that says she’s being promoted to big sister. Briana writes that her daughter really wants a little sister, but Us Weekly is reported DeJesus is hoping for a baby boy.

“The single mom revealed on Twitter that she’s 13 weeks pregnant and although she has yet to find out the sex of her baby, she’s hoping for a boy.”

Briana stated Nova is promising to stay up at night to help her with the new baby and puts her ear to her belly to hear her sibling “talk” to her.

“…she puts her ear on my belly and tells me she hears the baby calling her name. She tells me she’s gonna stay up at night just to help me.”

Despite receiving some negative backlash on social media, Briana seems excited for this next chapter in her life. Instagram users have commented on Briana’s pregnancy announcement by asking who the baby’s father is and mentioning her previous mommy makeover plastic surgery.

“Didn’t u just get ur body done now u going to have to get it done again,” one commenter wrote.

So far, there’s no word on who the father of Briana’s unborn baby is, as even In Touch Weekly reported people are wondering about his identity. However, the 22-year-old has recently made mention of a boyfriend on Twitter.

Another commenter suggested Briana is only using her current boyfriend as a sperm donor to have a child close in age with Nova, before bringing up the reality star’s plastic surgery.

“I hope you weren’t using him as a sperm donor just so Nova can have a sibling not too far apart in age so you can have twice the baby daddy drama… i cant recognize u anymore, nice plastic surgery job lol.”

However, other fans were quick to come to Briana’s defense as they congratulate the mom-to-be and told the haters to back off.

“This is supposed to be a beautiful moment in @_brianadejesus and her families (sic) lives and you negative people that comment just ruin it.”

But the Instagram users weren’t the only ones to comment on Briana’s pregnancy. DeJesus and fellow Teen Mom 3 star Katie Yeager exchanged messages over Twitter as Yeager congratulated her. Katie tweeted that the two MTV stars will now have two babies the same age as she is expecting her second child as well.


Us Weekly reported Katie announced back in September that she is expecting her second child.

Teen Mom 3‘s Katie Yeager took to Instagram on Wednesday, September 7, to share the exciting news that she is pregnant and expecting her second child.”


Katie is already mom to 5-year-old daughter Molli with ex Joey Maes, who she starred with in an episode of 16 & Pregnant as well as Teen Mom 3. Joey has since had two more children — a son named Luca and daughter named Khloe — with two women. Katie was quoted as saying she had nothing nice to say about the father of her first born, according to the Ashley’s Reality Roundup. The site also reported since the cancelation of Teen Mom 3, Yeager has gone on to live a regular life as she attended school.

“…Katie has resumed a regular life, attending school to become a CAP (Certified Addictions Practitioner) and working at an inpatient treatment center for recovering addicts.”

As for the father of Katie’s second child, Us Weekly reports his identity is unclear, as the former MTV star has gone to great lengths to keep her relationship private.

“The identity of Mr. Thayn (presumably the father of Yeager’s baby given her hashtag) remains unclear mainly because the former MTV personality has made a concerted effort to keep their romance off social media.”

Katie did take to Instagram as reported by Us Weekly to state she’s been in a happy, healthy relationship.

“I’ve been with a wonderful man for over a year. The sign of a happy relationship is no sign of it on social media.”

Yeager was also quoted as saying she wanted to expand her family and had her IUD removed in April of 2016, according to an interview with Starcasm. Her second child is due in March and appears to be a girl, according to Katie’s Instagram announcement. Fans took to congratulating Katie as they told her she’s one of the few Teen Mom stars they look up to.

“Congratulations! I’ve looked up to a lot of you girls on Teen Mom and your are (sic) one of the few I continue to look up to as a single mother.”

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