WWE Rumors: Mickie James Behind La Luchadora Angle on ‘SmackDown Live’? Plus, More Return News

WWE rumors making the rounds this morning indicate that returning former WWE Diva Mickie James might ultimately be the one revealed to be hiding behind the La Luchadora mask on WWE SmackDown Live.

James, a five-time WWE Women’s Champion and one-time WWE Diva’s Champion during the course of her over-seven-year run on WWE’s main roster, left the company amid controversy in 2010 following a bad ending to a failed relationship with WWE headliner John Cena.

Mickie is also regarded by WWE fans as one of the more talented and popular stars to come along for the company.


WWE rumors directly linking Mickie to the masked La Luchadora character come via Cageside Seats, which, without citing any specific sources, noted that WWE will “likely” use the humorous angle on WWE SmackDown Live to bring the well-known and popular former star to television.

With this potential shocking return to WWE, rumors also abound that the move will immediately interject James back into the title scene on WWE SmackDown.

As witnessed by recent weeks of WWE television on Tuesday nights, the La Luchadora spot would be a highly coveted one for just about any female wrestler, whether actually on the WWE, NXT, or any other roster.

The masked La Luchadora persona was first interjected into WWE storylines during the December 20 edition of WWE SmackDown Live.

During that program, new WWE SmackDown Women’s Champion Alexa Bliss — fresh off of her huge pay-per-view title win over Becky Lynch at WWE TLC: Tables, Ladders, & Chairs — took on the hooded newcomer in a non-title match. On that night, La Luchadora submitted Bliss with an armbar, then immediately revealed herself to be Lynch.

It was one week later on WWE SmackDown Live, during a second La Luchadora appearance, that the whole situation got a whole lot murkier.

During that show, La Luchadora made her presence known during a one-on-one match between Alexa and Becky. Almost immediately, fans’ heads began to spin with WWE’s revelation that a third mystery woman was involved in the confusing WWE SmackDown Live angle.

Thus, the legend of La Luchadora was born, fueling WWE rumors by fans as to who, exactly, is donning the mask.

Masked wrestlers
Masked wrestlers [Image by Chris McGrath/Getty Images]

Then came this week’s episode. During a scheduled match on last night’s January 3 WWE SmackDown Live battle between Lynch and the masked star, it was revealed that a second La Luchadora was lurking under the ring. This woman interjected herself in the hotly contested matchup and was ultimately revealed to be Alexa Bliss.

Of course, the huge question mark for WWE fans remained: Who is the real La Luchadora? That is where WWE rumors of Mickie James’ return to WWE’s blue brand come into play.

For her own part, Cageside Seats’ Randall Ortman noted that “[Mickie James] wasn’t the person under the mask [on WWE SmackDown Live on December 27 and January 3].”

In fact, WWE rumors continue to abound regarding Mickie’s status following a recent company physical in Pittsburgh, the results of which remain unknown.

This physical, however, is a standard practice for newcomers prior to being signed to an official contract by WWE, and rumors persist that Mickie James has inked that deal. Thus, the classic case of “no news is good news” would likely apply.

After jumping from WWE to TNA in 2010, Mickie James added three TNA Women’s Knockout titles to her extensive resume. James also married her TNA Impact Wrestling colleague Nick “Magnus” Aldis in 2015, having given birth to their son, Donovan Patrick, one year prior.

For a period of time, Mickie seemed content to have left her WWE body of work behind her, having moved on personally and professionally in the wake of an ugly “Piggy James” bullying angle inflicted upon the WWE star on her way out the door.

Mickie James
Mickie James [Featured Image by J.Sciulli/WireImage]

In a 2013 interview, Mickie James told WrestleNewz, per Wrestling Inc., that the angle was “one of the most difficult storylines to take.”

“I found it difficult to take my personal feelings and emotions out of it. But I can see how it may have resonated, because at some point most of us have been bullied or picked on, so most of us can relate to it in some aspect. Because you’re going to have sympathy for the character and understand where she’s coming from, impacted from the perils of bullying.”

With that respect, time has seemingly healed some of Mickie James’ old WWE wounds from 2010. With a fresh shot at redemption, propelled by the hot La Luchadora angle on WWE SmackDown Live, many feel that 2017 could wind up as Mickie James’ best year in wrestling yet.

That is, of course, if the WWE rumors prove true.

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