‘The Walking Dead’ Season 7 Fan Film Tribute: Will Rick Grimes Make Good On His Negan Death Threat?

The Walking Dead Season 7B premieres in February, and fans are waiting in anticipation as Rick Grimes decides to stop living in fear of Negan and the Saviors and take up arms with Maggie Rhee and the rest of his crew as they reconvene at the Hilltop Colony. A heartfelt fan film put together by tstudios was made as a tribute in honor of the remaining episodes coming this year.

“Rise Up” Tribute Touches On Rick Grimes’ Former Self

The Walking Dead Season 7 tribute fan film on Facebook touches on the aforementioned title, and the edited portions show segments from Seasons 1 through 7, but it looks to focus on Rick Grimes’ “Ricktatorship” history and the like. As you can see, the video reflects on the evolution of Rick and what horrid things he had to do to keep himself and his family safe. Self-preservation looks to be the mantra of his community, but Negan apparently put a stop to all, proclaiming that what Rick had going for him was “over.”

Negan’s appearance in Season 7’s first episode put a serious damper on Rick’s aggressive nature and had pretty much neutered him to the point of backing down. However, other members of the Alexandria community and his original group still want to take Negan out regardless of Rick’s updated speech on rolling over and letting the Saviors take what they want from their resources for the purpose of survival.

The clip shows that even Negan acknowledged Rick’s former bearded self, so it’s interesting that the Savior’s leader blows it off as history. That said, Rick Grimes can only put up with Negan’s bullying for so long. One of the Kingdom’s knights, Richard, feels the need to take action. Michonne is making preparations to do so, and the same goes for Daryl Dixon, who already has an inside man (or woman) helping him escape the clutches of the Saviors.

The video even nicely catches the former deputy’s dark reveal to Michonne about his late friend, Shane, and daughter Judith Grimes. Apparently, in Season 7, he reverts back to his former methods during a time when his wife was alive and Shane thought he was dead. Carl was much younger, and it was just shortly after the zombie apocalypse ensued.

Not Today, Not Tomorrow…

The Walking Dead Season 7’s second half tribute transitions into Rick’s “promise” to kill Negan — some day. Negan only scoffed at him when he bashed his two friends’ heads to a pulp, citing that Grimes was “addicted” to his leadership and actually understood Rick’s defying behavior.

Negan was still receiving Rick’s stink eye in Alexandria regardless and still by habit had occasionally given the Saviors’ leaders that “Ricktatorship” look. Negan does take notice and makes sure that Rick knocks it off by reinforcing the behavior, not unlike Pavlov’s dog via Lucille.

Is Grimes’ “not today, not tomorrow” quote from Season 7’s premiere some kind of foreshadowing of Negan’s fate at the hands of the star of The Walking Dead? Does “tomorrow” predicate the things to come in the latter half of Season 7, where he comes together with the people from Hilltop Colony and the Kingdom?

The “Rise Up” promotion given by AMC does seem to be an indicator, and it’s only a mystery of things to come when The Walking Dead premieres on February 12. What will Rick and his crew, combined with other communities, have in store for Negan and his Saviors? Now that Daryl is back in the picture, will this further solidify Rick Grimes’ attitude into switching back to his “Ricktatorship” ways?

[Featured Image by Gene Page/AMC]