WWE News: WWE Superstar Paige Pregnant With Alberto Del Rio’s Child? No, But The World Wants To Thinks So

WWE Superstar Paige has been out of action for some time now, but is she missing time now because she is pregnant with Alberto Del Rio’s child? The world began to talk about this months back when Paige started to miss time. Of course she missed for more logical reasons than this. She would miss time due to an original suspension due to failing the WWE Wellness Policy, which coincidentally was around the same time her boyfriend Del Rio failed too.

Obviously, when it comes to Paige, people still worry as they do not know what is up with her half the time when she’s doing tons of crazy things. From there, she was suspended yet again, this time with Del Rio out of the WWE many felt she got suspended just to spend time with him. However, people tend to miss that Paige has been hurt for months now. She recently had neck surgery to correct the issue even.

That said, she is missing time away from WWE due to that. Her suspension did expire, but she simply cannot wrestle until at least this summer at the earliest. Do not let this stop the internet however, as one spark makes a fire and it took just one comment to stir up some major flames. The news comes from Matt Calicchio, a superfan from New Jersey that become friends with the couple a while back, he indicated on Twitter that they are going to have a baby.

Paige proposes to Del Rio

Now this got things pushed heavily. The funny thing is that Paige was at the site of WWE RAW this past week with Alberto Del Rio. The company needed to do a medical check on her due to her surgery, which was why she was in the area. She did not appear on the show or stay for it, as she left before it began. On her way out, she signed autographs for fans and it did not appear she was showing in the slightest. She even wore a top that would have done so.

PWInsider disclaims the report, saying that it all comes from a Twitter response made by Alberto Del Rio. He was joking around on the social media platform when he mentioned he was pregnant and then would go on to say Paige was his seahorse. For those unaware, a male seahorse is the one who carries the child. This began to start rumors heavily online and Matt’s comment on further pushed it. WWE fans then went nuts from there regarding the speculative tweet, which is now deleted.

Really, it was all in good fun for the former WWE World Champion. However, the internet does what it does and makes a big deal out of nothing. So much so in fact, people are still firmly believing that Paige is pregnant despite denials regarding it. Of course the couple have not commented on the rumor as of now. The question many have to wonder is, why would they?

Paige WWE

They are not pregnant, so if she was they would be more than happy to tell people. She certainly would have informed WWE when was there earlier in the week as well. Since there is nothing going on, it would not make sense for a comment to come from them or a statement of any kind. However, the people who choose to not believe the denial reports will continue to believe what they want until the two come out and deny it themselves.

With the upcoming marriage now being an official deal, many feel that this entire thing is a load of crazy love turned back. Paige’s father is not a fan of Alberto Del Rio being with his daughter and many of the people in WWE are concerned about the relationship. Interestingly, Paige was rarely in the news or even an issue of any kind before she met Del Rio.

After they began dating and the two became public, they have not stayed out of the limelight as something always seems to happen. On top of that, Paige has been suspended twice now from the WWE and it does seem like she is doing everything to get out of her WWE deal to be with Del Rio more. There is a lot to be said for how coincidental this is, considering nothing was an issue before Del Rio but after there has been various problems.

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