'RHOA' Star Kenya Moore Is A Liar: Ex BF Matt Jordan Accuses Her Of Faking Storylines For Ratings

Kenya Moore's breakup with Matt Jordan continues to get uglier by the day. In the latest development, Jordan slammed the Real Housewives of Atlanta star for lying about their split. How did Moore react to the accusations?

Radar Online reports that Jordan blasted Moore on social media and asked her to stop lying about their breakup. Jordan's comments came days after they decided to part ways.

"Please stop lying," he wrote. "The whole abusive boyfriend thing, I'll let it play out even though I was totally against the whole idea in the first place."

Jordan was referencing an incident that happened on the show. During one episode, Jordan was caught wreaking havoc on Moore's property, including damaging a garage door, her vehicle, and a security camera. Things got so bad that Moore filed a police report at Sandy Springs Police Department.

Jordan also claims his ex-girlfriend made up a story about him getting jealous over Jay Z. Moore snapped a photo with the famous rapper and claims that Jordan didn't approve of their interaction.

"But now that we're done filming you need to be able to dispose of me properly," he continued. "So in your interviews you can point to a pic of HOV from 96 and say I was jealous of a photo I never felt no way about."

Jordan didn't stop there. He also says that Moore made up drama and even planned a fake birthday just for the cameras.

"Tell the truth about the fake birthday you planned purposely a day before YOU booked me the flight back to ATL so it would look like I just didn't show up," he stated. "Since you're the one that asked me to come back. SHAME ON YOU."

 Matt Jordan [Image by Charles Sykes/Bravo]
Matt Jordan [Image by Charles Sykes/Bravo]

Jordan then bashed Moore for giving up on their relationship so easily. Although Moore is still single, Jordan has already found a new love in Tiffany Maiyon.

"Yes, I am confirming that we are dating currently," Jordan revealed. "That's sad she's still doing interviews and such saying so. I met him a few months ago. We were friends and decided to date publicly once they were completely broken up."

Kenya Moore has not responded directly to Jordan's claims. She has, however, opened up about another man in her life: her dad. Reality Tea reports the reality star recently talked about her tumultuous relationship with her father and how they have grown closer over the years.

Moore went on to explain why her relationship with Jordan failed and admitted that her father never met him. She explained that Jordan has difficulty controlling his anger and that his mature level played a big part in their split.

"Although Matt can calmly express himself with others, he cannot control his anger or his emotions when he gets hurt or upset when speaking to me," she explained. "He constantly keeps score, holds on to things that happened in the beginning of our relationship, and behaves in a tit for tat manner. Age is not a factor, but maturity is. He states he wants my respect, but he breaks down doors in hotels and breaks windows in the home I have put my heart, soul, and hard earned money into. As such, nothing warrants this type of violence."

Kenya Moore and Matt Jordan seemed to be happier earlier this season on 'RHOA.' [Image by Bravo]
Kenya Moore and Matt Jordan seemed to be happier earlier this season on 'RHOA.' [Image by Bravo]

Speaking of violence, Bravo TV reports that Moore slammed Jordan on social media for trying to destroy her mansion. The reality star posted a video that showed Jordan kicking in her garage door and hit back at his claims that she lied about the incident.

"I have been the most honest and raw this season than I have ever been. There is NEVER an excuse for violence," she wrote.

Moore also ranted against Jordan during an interview with Radar Online. In light of Jordan's claims, Moore explained how the majority of his actions took place when the cameras were not rolling.

"The only thing Matt is guilty of is acting a fool," she shared. "Yet to continue to abuse me by claiming to be an actor is a joke."

Tell us! Do you think that Kenya Moore and Matt Jordan's entire relationship was fake? Let us know in the comments below.

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