Why Nick Viall Gave Elizabeth Sandoz A Rose On The First Night Of ‘The Bachelor’ 2017

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Why did Nick Viall give Elizabeth Sandoz a rose on the first night of The Bachelor 2017 when there’s clearly a murky past between them? They slept together after Jade Roper and Tanner Tolbert’s wedding in January 2016 then never contacted one another again. Nick definitely recognized Liz when he saw her get out of the limo during The Bachelor meet and greet, but was confused and chose to wing it until they could talk privately.

By the end of the show, Nick Viall gave Elizabeth Sandoz a rose during the rose ceremony. Was he still as “intrigued” with her as he was the first time he laid eyes on her last year or is there something more to it?

Nick openly shares his thoughts in a blog post on People about what was going through his mind from the time he saw Liz step out of the limo until the end of the show’s first episode.

“When she stepped out of the limo I was in utter shock. I had no idea that she was planning on coming, and I hadn’t spoken with her in about nine months. I was eager to speak with her and had a ton of questions,” Nick wrote.

Nick Viall explains how he was “confusing almost immediately” when he and Liz sat down for their talk because he said she “started talking to me as if we had never met.”

Nick was under the impression that each of the women who agreed to go on The Bachelor went there with “an open heart” in a genuine effort to find love. Elizabeth Sandoz appearing on the show negated that expectation.

After watching the first Bachelor episode, Nick summed up his initial feelings of being caught off guard by Liz.

“… It didn’t make sense to me that Liz would think I wouldn’t remember who she was, but at the same time, still think I was someone that she might fall in love with.”

Nick Viall writes in his blog that he wondered why Elizabeth Sandoz would show up on The Bachelor after all this time when she could’ve asked Jade for his phone number. He previously claimed that he asked Liz for her phone number after hooking up, but she declined giving it to him.

If Nick suspected Liz was showed up on The Bachelor even under the slightest of false pretenses, why did he give her a rose?

“Unfortunately, we could not finish our conversation, not without making sure I would be able to sit down with as many women as possible,” Nick shared. “Despite my conversation raising more questions than answers, I decided to give Liz a rose. The night of Jade and Tanner’s wedding was great, and this was a girl that I was once intrigued by when we first met. I also considered the fact that Liz must have been very nervous and I wanted to give her the benefit of the doubt. I wanted to at least have the chance to finish that conversation with Liz before I made any drastic decisions regarding our relationship.”

Nick Viall concludes his thoughts about Elizabeth Sandoz by revealing that week 2 of The Bachelor 2017 has some dramatic moments when they continue their conversation.

“There are some shocking revelations and more unanswered questions,” Nick wrote. “But you’ll have to tune in and see for yourselves. You won’t want to miss next week, I promise.”

According to Jade Roper Tolbert, Liz had invited Nick to charity events, but he turned her down.

“She didn’t really think about him till a couple months later,” Jade told Entertainment Tonight. “She tried to invite him to charity events, but he rejected [her invitations].”

It was Jade’s idea that Liz go on this season of The Bachelor to see if there’s something to be pursued with Nick.

Viall responded to Jade’s claims about how he treated Liz on the first night of The Bachelor.

“I would totally disagree with Jade,” he said. “I definitely wanted to give her that time and consideration. And next week, you’ll see how that conversation goes in its entirety.”

Watch what happens between Nick Viall and Elizabeth Sandoz on The Bachelor next Monday at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.

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