Anna Duggar Pregnancy Rumors: Fans Mistake Teen Girl For Josh’s Wife At Duggar Family Party

Anna Duggar hasn’t appeared in any social media photos since November, but some fans of the Duggar family were convinced that they spotted her supposed baby bump in a recent Facebook picture.

The photo in question was taken at the Duggar family’s annual New Year’s Eve party. Anna’s husband, Josh, was nowhere to be seen in any of the snapshots of the celebration that the Duggars shared on their family Facebook page. However, as the Hollywood Gossip reports, some fans thought that they spied a pregnant Anna in one of the photos. They even congratulated the mother of four on being pregnant with her fifth child.

“Looks like Anna is pregnant. Congrats,” one fan wrote.

“To me that looks like Anna with a baby bump,” another fan commented.

The unidentified female in the photo has her head turned away from the camera so her face isn’t visible. She’s wearing a T-shirt and jean skirt that are similar to items of clothing Anna Duggar has been spotted wearing in the past, and she has the same hair color as the Counting On star. However, the young woman in the photo below is not Anna Duggar.

In response to the numerous fans speculating about the identity of the person in the picture, a family friend of the Duggars revealed who the young lady really is. According to Denise Brummett Barnhart, the girl is actually her teenage daughter.

“To put this conversation to rest; this is my 17 yr old daughter and she is DEFINITELY NOT PREGNANT!” Barnhart wrote.

Fans turned out to be totally wrong about the Duggars’ New Year’s Eve photo, but this isn’t the first time the family’s social media snapshots have sparked pregnancy rumors. As the Inquisitr previously reported, the Duggars’ 2016 Thanksgiving photos had fans speculating that both Anna and her sister-in-law Jill were expecting. As People reports, fans turned out to be right about Jill Duggar. However, Jill’s due date is in July, so there’s a high likelihood that she didn’t yet know that she was pregnant when the Thanksgiving pictures were taken.

The November 24 snapshot of Anna Duggar that had fans buzzing was taken during a Duggar family trip to a cramped cabin in the Ozark Mountains. Anna is sitting on a couch, and she’s using a blanket to cover up the lower half of her body. Jessa Duggar’s son, Spurgeon, is also sitting on Anna’s lap, so it’s difficult to see her stomach.

It’s possible that Anna Duggar was hiding her abdomen from the camera on purpose. If she is pregnant with her fifth child, she may be trying to keep her pregnancy a secret in order to avoid being thrust back into the limelight for as long as possible. Getting pregnant less than a year after her husband returned home from rehab would be seen by some as a controversial decision, and it would definitely make headlines.

Anna Duggar has plenty of experience with having her life choices scrutinized. Her decision not to divorce Josh after he admitted to cheating on her was so controversial that it even had celebrities like Nicole ‘Snooki’ Polizzi weighing in; the former Jersey Shore star slammed Anna for staying with Josh after he confessed to being unfaithful. Anna also raised eyebrows when she revealed that she married Josh Duggar knowing that he had sexually molested his younger sisters as a teenager.

Duggar critics and fans alike may also worry that having a fifth child will place too much of a financial burden on Anna and her husband. Josh Duggar has been supporting his family by selling used cars, and he recently began hawking limos in an effort to boost his income. However, he’s only sold one so far. Anna Duggar is a stay-at-home mom who has only earned money by appearing on Counting On, but her paycheck from TLC likely decreased during the second season of the reality show. Instead of starring in every episode, she only made occasional appearances alongside her in-laws.

According to Radar Online, a source close to the Duggar family has revealed that Josh is saving money by spending most of his free time at home with Anna and their kids.

“Josh and Anna spend most of their time at home when Josh isn’t selling cars.”

The insider also said that it’s unlikely that Josh will ever appear on TV again, so don’t expect to see him and Anna Duggar welcoming another child into the world on a future episode of Counting On.

[Featured Image by Duggar Family/Facebook]