Surprise! ‘Supernatural’ Star Felicia Day Is Pregnant – And Due In Three Weeks

For most celebrities, keeping a pregnancy a secret isn’t something they are able to do for very long. Supernatural star Felicia Day, however, was able to keep her pregnancy hidden from her fans for a pretty long time.

Per Comic Book, this Supernatural star who is also recognized as one of the favorite female geek icons in Hollywood is getting ready to go through a “major transformation.” Felicia Day – who Supernatural fans know better as Charlie – took to social media today to tell her fans that she’s expecting a baby girl.

The only thing somewhat unusual about this particular celebrity pregnancy announcement when compared to other pregnancy announcements is the fact that Felicia Day is already eight months pregnant. In fact, Felicia is expected to give birth to her baby girl in roughly three weeks.

“She’s coming in about three weeks so I guess I should announce this and stuff,” was the playful caption Felicia Day decided to attach to the picture of herself and her baby bump as she made the announcement.


In the picture, Supernatural fans see Day sitting with her shirt pulled up so they can see her eight-month extended pregnant belly. Felicia is pointing down at the picture with an overjoyed expression on her face. She is also sporting a comedic baseball cap with “As Seen On Your Mom” written on it. Most fans of the geek culture who consider her to be a bit of an icon can appreciate the irony of her wearing a baseball cap with the word “Mom” on it as she announces she is pregnant.

Felicia Day reveals her pregnancy
Felicia Day reveals her pregnancy [Image by Michael Buckner/Getty Images]

Per Comic Book, it should come as no surprise that fans of Felicia Day and Supernatural are geeking out after receiving news that their icon is expecting a baby girl. The bigger surprise, however, is that Felicia Day was able to keep it a secret from all of her fans in the geek culture world for so long.

For those of you who are Supernatural fans, Felicia Day was born under the name Kathryn Felicia Day in June of 1979. She is an actress and a producer who is known for her work on the web and on television. Her memorable roles include Supernatural and Eureka.

Most fans of Felicia would argue she is most known for her work in web videos. Felicia co-starred in Joss Whedon’s internet musical Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog. She also created and stars in a hit web series called The Guild. Felicia Day is also the creative chief officer of her own production company called Knights of Good. According to IMDb, the Supernatural star’s production company produced a web series called Dragon Age as well as a YouTube channel called Geek & Sundry.

Felicia Day is best known by her fans for having an awkward personality, vibrant red hair, and quirky writing.

The only other big question the geek culture world has about this announcement is simple – who is the father? While it is a known fact that this Supernatural star dated Nathan Fillion in the past, he is currently dating Krista Allen. Nathan has also been engaged a few times since he and the Supernatural star went separate ways.

Felicia Day is pregnant with baby girl
Felicia Day is pregnant with baby girl [Image by Vivien Killilea/Getty Images]

Records such as Who Dated Who suggests Felicia Day does not appear to be dating anyone at all. Given how good Felicia was at keeping her pregnancy a secret, it is possible she is just keeping a romantic relationship a secret as well. Could the baby have been an accident? Or is it possible she just decided to get pregnant without a father in the picture because she was ready to have children with or without a man in her life?

Unfortunately, Supernatural and The Guild fans are going to have to keep guessing in regard to who the father could be. Maybe, if Felicia Day fans are lucky, she will make the decision to give a little more information to her fans.

Until then, the only thing fans really can do at this point is congratulate Felicia Day on her new baby girl.

Are you surprised to learn Felicia Day is eight months pregnant? Do you think her baby girl will follow in her mother’s footsteps and be a nerdy girl too? Share your thoughts on this surprising celebrity pregnancy announcement in the comments section below.

[Featured Image by Jemal Countess/Getty Images]