Cary Deuber ‘RHOD’ Season 2: Teases So Much Drama That Bravo ‘Can’t Get Rid Of’

Cary Deuber is not a big fan of the drama on The Real Housewives of Dallas, but she has decided to return to the show. The show is a great opportunity for her to market her business, where she works with her husband. However, she isn’t a big fan of LeeAnne Locken and her drama.

Deuber was shocked when she watched the season last year, including the cast trip where LeeAnne flipped out at Marie Reyes and threatened to kill her. It was completely shocking, but Locken admitted that she had anger issues and had lost her temper. So when people were wondering if Cary was returning to the show, she revealed that she couldn’t just let the show go with all of the drama from last year.

According to a new tweet, Cary Deuber is now revealing that the show will return one day on Bravo, as she has been filming the brand new season. Deuber doesn’t know when the show will return, but she does know that something may air one day because the producers have been filming the newest season in Dallas. It certainly sounds like fans are excited about this new season.

“Omg #RHOD is coming back??? I’m so excited!!!” one person wrote on Twitter, to which Cary Deuber replied, “I’m sure one day! You can’t get rid of Dallas drama like this after just one season.”

It’s very interesting that Cary Deuber is teasing the new season by using drama from last year. LeeAnne Locken keeps tweeting about failed friendships between her co-stars, including the friendship between Brandi Redmond and Stephanie Hollman. But it sounds like they are doing just fine, as they recently celebrated Halloween together and even shared pictures of them together at various events. Maybe Deuber will return to deal with LeeAnne, who brought up some cheating rumors about her husband.

“Please let us know when it comes back on I’m dying to see you guys,” another person tweeted Deuber, who promised to keep her fans in the loop about a possible premier date, adding, “Of course!! We miss y’all too happy new year babe!”

“I agree Leann definitely a turn off. I will be back, I’ll just mute when she comes on the screen!” one person wrote about LeeAnne Locken returning to season 2, to which Cary Deuber replied, “lol I like to mute when *I’M* on the screen!! Watching yourself on tv is so strange.”

Throughout the season, Cary had to deal with past issues and rumors about her marriage. Apparently, people thought that Cary and her husband had cheated on their respective spouses before they got married. But Deuber has tried to clear up the rumors and reveals that the drama did cause her to break down on the reunion special for season one.

“I was so done with the negativity and lies that went down over the season. When Andy got to my marriage with Mark, I lost it. The anger I felt about the gossip and lies that had been going on behind my back had come to a head and turned to tears. The story that LeeAnne told was one that I had never even heard. I got so emotional talking about my husband because I love him so much and he is such a good person. Obviously, his reaction makes it clear that he has also really been affected by all that was said, too,” Cary Deuber revealed in her final Bravo blog for The Real Housewives of Dallas, where she talked about her husband and the cheating rumors that surfaced during the season.

What do you think of Cary Deuber tweeting about the second season of The Real Housewives of Dallas? Will you be watching the new season?

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