Kim Drops ‘Kardashian West’ On Twitter – Adds Them Back, Posts Instagram ‘Family’ Pic Of Kanye And Kids

Since Kim Kardashian West hadn’t updated her Twitter page in many months, it was quite interesting when TMZ noted that Kim dropped the Kardashian West from her Twitter name. (Update: Kim just tweeted the below photo of her family.) However, before most folks could blink — or before Google could rightly crawl the Twitter change into their cache — Kim had changed the simply “Kim” Twitter handle back to the “Kim Kardashian West” Twitter approximately one hour after making the name change. As noted by the publication, they aren’t sure why Kim dropped Kardashian West and then added Kardashian West back to her Twitter profile, but they suspect that Kim is trying to be known by simply “Kim,” such as celebrities and icons who also are so famous that they only are known by one name.

There was Elvis, there was Prince, there was Selena, there was Aaliyah. There is Oprah, there is Cher, and other celebrities who have the types of names that folks can likely mention without needing a last name. There’s Kanye, there’s Taylor, there’s Nicki and other celebrities and singers who can be discerned by their first names alone. The only problem with Kim trying to potential be known by only her first name is that Kim is such a popular first name that it might nearly be impossible for Kim to drop the Kardashian West. It’s kind of like Chris Brown trying to go by “Chris” — not that Kim and Chris aren’t famous enough to try it, they just have names that are super common.

Either way, many people might have assumed that by Kim dropping the Kardashian West, Kim was making some statement about rumored divorce plans. As if to go against those divorce rumors, Kim soon after posted a photo of Kim, Kanye, Saint and North — reiterating the fact that Kardashian’s family isn’t going anywhere. It was the first time Kim had tweeted anything since early October.

Kardashian West received thousands of Twitter likes and retweets upon her return to Twitter. Some of the responses to Kim’s return to Twitter can be read below. Many folks joked about just how closely Kim’s social media accounts are followed in the wake of Kardashian West returning to Twitter.

Kim posted the same photo of her family to her Instagram account — proving that all is right with the world now that Kardashian West is back on social media like Instagram and Twitter.

As seen in the top photo above from more than 10 years ago, Paris Hilton was joined by her “friend Kim Kardashian,” as the Associated Press description describes Kim, on Monday, September 25, 2006, in Munich, Germany.

Some of the comments Kim is receiving on social media prove that folks missed Kardashian West during her hiatus from Instagram and Twitter, as read below.

maury0218: “I miss you Kim this is real.”

xo_shawny: “Yayy u back we missed u @kimkardashian hope all is well.”

sasrmoszt: “Welcome back, you’ve been missed. Love you.”

jessicaisavixen: “So happy you’re back. You’re a role model to many and we stand by you in the hard times as well. Much love to your family.”

lauren_hillx: “KIMMMYYYY I missed you! So so happy you’re back girl!”

prettygirlsade1: “You better stick by Kanye through his darkest days @kimkardashian

hvrhbeauty: “You have such a beautiful family, glad to see you back on Instagram. I hope you’re feeling better, God bless you all and wishing you the best in the New Year!”

rosemary_renthlei: “Welcome back Kim…we love you.”

Based on the comments Kim is receiving on Instagram and Twitter, Kardashian West’s fans really missed her on social media.

[Featured Image by Diether Endlicher/AP Images]