Cassie Flips Out Over Side Chick Claims After Diddy Spent Christmas With Kim Porter And Kids

Is Cassie Diddy’s side chick or is she the main chick? The debate raged on over the holidays when the Bad Boy mogul was spotted vacationing in St. Barts with Kim Porter and their kids over Christmas. Well, in case anyone was wondering about Cassie and Diddy’s relationship status, she made sure to respond to the rumors and to spend New Year’s Eve by his side to prove she is Diddy’s main dish.

Everyone wanted to know where Cassie was on Christmas when Diddy was photographed in St. Barts for the holiday. It seems that he left his famous girlfriend at home and jetted off to the islands with his ex Kim Porter to spend some time bonding with their four kids.

Naturally, the rumor mill went nuts claiming that Diddy dumped Cassie and headed back to Kim Porter. There were also some nasty reports that Diddy was spending time with his real family and that Cassie was just his long-term side chick so she had to stay home for the family vacay.

Cassie isn’t letting the side chick comments go and she clapped back pretty hard at a fan who suggested she have a baby with Diddy so her relationship can be real. The Shade Room caught Cassie comment creeping on a fan who obviously struck a nerve.

One commenter told Cassie that Diddy should “treat” her to a child of her own “instead of being his forever side chick.” Cassie was quick to respond, commenting on her own post to let them know that she is not a side chick and she’ll have a baby when she is ready for one. Cassie went on to roast the commenter by very sarcastically thanking them for commenting on her post to let her know how to deal with Diddy.

Cassie responded to another comment about her relationship with Diddy, letting them know that she has a very clear understanding of where her relationship with Diddy stands. She also shouted out Kim Porter and made it known that she has a lot of respect for Kim and that she loves Diddy’s kids. It seems like Cassie isn’t concerned at all that her man was busy vacationing in a tropical paradise with the woman who bore him four kids.

It’s not like Diddy totally left Cassie hanging over the holidays anyway. After he got done soaking up the sun in St. Barts, he headed back to the states and into Cassie’s arms. The famous couple rang in the new year together, proving all the breakup reports wrong.

Cassie didn’t post any NYE pics with Diddy. In fact, she only posted one picture from the night and it includes herself and a small group of friends. On the other hand, Diddy did take to Instagram to make sure everyone knew who he was with when the ball dropped. He posted pictures of himself and Cassie together. He also posted a screenshot of a headline about the couple being back together to ring in 2017 together.

It’s pretty obvious that Cassie and Diddy did not break up. They also don’t hide their relationship and Cassie has made it clear that she won’t stop Diddy from spending time with Kim so that he can be close to the kids that he has with her. While their relationship may be really non-traditional, she made it very clear that she and Diddy are doing things the way they want to do them and she’s not over there suffering without children and holding out for a ring. Cassie definitely gets cool points for stepping into her comments and letting the haters know that not only is she not a side chick, but that she’s not down for their drama either.

[Featured Image by Ethan Miller/Getty Images]