Andy Cohen Playing Favorites With ‘RHOA’ Stars? Previous Gay-Bashing Called Out

Andy Cohen is very good at calling out people when they say something about the gay community that doesn’t sit well with him. Of course, all of the Real Housewives stars in every state seem to support the gay community, but sometimes these ladies will say something that doesn’t sit well with Andy. And during the various reunion shows Cohen has hosted over the years, he has called people out various times, including Kenya Moore and Vicki Gunvalson. This could be in relation to how people talk or act when they are attracted to the opposite sex, which Andy has to question.

According to a new tweet, Andy Cohen is now getting some heat for praising Sunday’s episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta where Porsha Williams and Phaedra Parks tried to out Kandi Burruss’ desires and needs behind closed doors. In other words, Andy thought it was entertaining for two women to try and out another woman, as the episode was focused on Kandi’s supposed secret that she was a lesbian. And viewers noticed and decided to call Cohen out on Twitter.

“So Andy Cohen went off on Kenya Moore for ‘gay bashing’, but praises this ep where Porsha & Phaedra wanna force Kandi out closet? Interesting #RHOA,” one Twitter follower pointed out on the social media network after watching Sunday’s episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, to which another person added, “Thank you for spilling tea…”

Maybe Andy Cohen knows more about the story than viewers do. Maybe he has already asked Kandi about her sexual preference, or maybe he respects her marriage to Todd Tucker so he doesn’t ask her about it. Or maybe Cohen just respects the fact that Kandi may enjoy hooking up with a woman now and then and he doesn’t ask about it. Whatever the reason, he could have an explanation as to why he found this episode praise-worthy when he has been so vocal in the past about gay-related issues.

In her blog for the show, Burruss didn’t quite deny hooking up with Shamea — or any other woman for that matter — but she did point out how Porsha Williams and Phaedra Parks’ reasonings were out of control. And maybe it was this conversation that had Andy Cohen praising the episode, even though it was about outing someone as a lesbian.

“First of all, what Phaedra said was some bullsh–, but what she did was just an example of what I was talking about. She’s been doing shady things and saying shady things behind my back for years now. That is why I really don’t mess with her like that,” Kandi revealed on her blog for Bravo about the rumors that she had hooked up with former friend Shamea while she was married to Todd Tucker.

“And right after that Porsha’s telling me I’m wrong for saying something about my ex friend, but she just co-signed a story Phaedra made up about Shamea, who is her current best friend. SMH… I remember when Porsha first brought Shamea around us years ago, Shamea said something about Phaedra coming at her ex-husband inappropriately. Phaedra denied it, but Porsha didn’t have a problem with what Shamea said. Now all of a sudden because she has this alliance going with Phaedra she wants to pretend like she’s bothered by what Shamea said. Girl, bye. This is not new news to you,” Kandi continues, according to Bravo.

What do you think of Andy Cohen being called out for perhaps playing favorites? Do you think he should have protected Kandi instead of praising the episode as being very entertaining?

[Featured Image by Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images]