‘Days Of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Stefano’s Fate Is A Game Changer For Hope

Days of Our Lives spoilers are coming through, and it looks like Hope’s life might experience a change. If you watched the latest few episodes, you know that Hope was serving a long sentence in prison for allegedly killing Stefano. That said, even though it looked like Hope was in prison for good, some fans insisted that Stefano might have escaped death one last time.

Over the decades of Days of Our Lives, Stefano has come back from the dead and has escaped death more times than we can count. This is why longtime fans of the show, were skeptical when the storyline came out that Hope was going to confess to killing Stefano. If you’re one of those fans that had a hunch that Stefano was still alive, it looks like you deserve to pat yourself on the back, because the latest batch of spoilers reveals just that.

Days of Our Lives' Hope
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Days of Our Lives spoilers via Celebrity Dirty Laundry reveal that Rafe discovers that Stefano is still alive. As we know, Rafe has been looking for a loophole since Hope was sentenced to prison, and has vowed to help her even when it looked like all hope was lost.

Rafe tells Hope that he needs to meet with her late at night to tell her something that could change everything. Hope’s interest is piqued and takes the meeting with Rafe in prison, and finds out that Stefano is alive. Viewers heard this shocking detail when Andre broke the news to the group. Meanwhile, Shane is convinced that Stefano is in Europe and that his body is exhumed. After news had broken about Stefano rising from the ashes, it was revealed that Hope wasn’t just going to rot in prison for the rest of her life.

Days of Our Lives spoilers stated that Hope is still convinced that she killed Stefano because she fired a bunch of shots at him, but Rafe tries to convince her that Stefano has pulled the wool over their eyes once again. That said, it’s not enough to ease Hope’s worries. A new report was just released that Hope will take matters into her own hands by escaping prison. After Coco and Sheila make her life difficult in prison, Hope decides to escape prison with the help of her new prison companion Hattie. It looks like Hope’s stress in prison was just too much to bare, and she couldn’t wait for Rafe to prove that Stefano was alive to save her from a lifetime of danger.

Days of Our Lives spoilers
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As for Hattie’s motives for helping Hope, it’s said that she believes the detective is in danger due to the threats made by Coco and Sheila, and that’s enough to help her new friend out.

We wouldn’t be surprised to find out via Days of Our Lives spoilers that this half-baked plan of Hope’s won’t work out in the long run. While she will have her newfound freedom from escaping from prison, the fact that she escaped could land her back in prison for good. Rafe traveling to Prague to catch Stefano might all be for nothing. While Hope is counting on Rafe’s evidence to fix everything after the fact, she might have done some major damage for herself in the present.

It’s said that either way Hope will struggle with her decision once she’s on the run, so it won’t be a huge relief even though her life will be spared after she escapes Sheila’s grasp.

What do you think of the latest batch of Days of Our Lives spoilers? Will Hope be on the run for good? Will Rafe be able to help her now that she took matters into her own hands?

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