Jana Duggar And Joy-Anna Duggar Featured On Family Facebook, The Duggars And ‘Counting On’ Fans Want Them Married Like Jill, Jessa And Jinger?

Jana and Joy-Anna were featured on the Duggars’ family Facebook on the first days of 2017. The two are the only Duggar girls over the age of 18 that are not yet married. Seeing how their sisters, Jill, Jessa and Jinger all got whisked off after a short courtship, it looks like the Duggars probably want the same for these two.

Check out Jana and Joy-Anna beaming in the new year!

Joy-Anna Duggar entered into a courtship very recently. A day after Jinger got married to Jeremy Vuolo, she made an announcement on that she and Austin Forsyth, whom she had known for more than a decade, have started considering each other as future husband and wife. This was also just a few weeks after she turned 19.

“I just asked her to enter a courtship with me,” Austin said, according to Radar Online. “Almost 15 years. I picked this spot because last time we were here together was August 1, 2015.”

“I hadn’t been here in so long,” she said. “I was not expecting this. So happy.”

But because she is so young, her parents have been stricter with Joy-Anna when she goes on dates with Austin. On his 23rd birthday, she had to invite her mom and dad, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar, on the date.

“Happy 23rd Birthday, Austin!” The Duggars wrote on Facebook. “We had a great time going on our double date with you and Joy this weekend! We are loving the time we are getting to spend with you as you and Joy court, and we are so excited to see what the Lord has in-store for you and our sweet Joy!”

On the other hand, Joy’s older sister Jana has never entered a serious courtship. She is 26-years-old and it seems, considering that her younger sister Jill is 25, married and already pregnant with her second baby, like she is a little behind on schedule. But it looks like she is not letting the pressure she feels from Jill, Jessa and Jinger get to her.

“There have been different guys who have come along and asked, but they haven’t been, I don’t know, the right one,” she revealed, according to Radar Online. “It can be tempting, like, ‘Oh, I really want to be married,’ because in those moments, your siblings that are married and have little ones are going on dates and doing their thing. It’s like this weird in-between stage. I’m not a younger one, but I’m not an older, married one with kids.”

That does not mean that no man has shown interest in the 26-year-old Duggar. She had been linked to “former NFL star Tim Tebow in 2014,” and there have been rumors that now-married Zach Bates of Bringing Up Bates fame has pursued her in the past, according to Yahoo! Sports.

As she carves out her unique path, Jana has been an immense help to her family. She is considered to be one of the primary caretakers in the household, fixing showers, decorating the front gate, chaperoning birthday parties of her numerous younger siblings and baking up a storm for the many holidays they celebrate.

The Duggars certainly do not let her efforts go unnoticed. By posting pictures of her working for her family often, they show just how giving and kind their daughter is.

At the rate that her siblings are getting married and leaving home to start their own families, it looks like Jana will get her workload reduced in the near future!

Do you think her family will post even more pictures of her on Facebook to increase her chances of a successful courtship? Let us know in the comments below!

[Featured Image by Duggar Family/Facebook]