‘You’re Terminated’: Arnold Schwarzenegger Brings Back ‘Celebrity Apprentice’ With Surprising Double Firing

Arnold Schwarzenegger has taken over the reigns for this season of Celebrity Apprentice now that Donald Trump is occupied. Prior to the premiere, one of the things that was kept a secret until the first firing was Schwarzenegger’s catchphrase. The debate raged over whether it should be “You’re terminated” or “Hasta la vista, baby” but now we know how Arnold will make the NBC reality show his own.

The new Celebrity Apprentice premiered on NBC on Monday night with a special double firing. Before jumping in to see what Arnold said, be warned that there will be some discussion of the Celebrity Apprentice Season 15 premiere. If you haven’t watched yet and don’t want the show spoiled, watch this promo from YouTube instead.

Let’s just get this out of the way since everyone wants to know what the Governator says in place of Donald Trump’s “You’re Fired.” Schwarzenegger won at least one person a friendly wager when he blurted out “You’re Terminated” as he sent YouTube sensation Carrie Keagan packing.

For those who may be wondering how Arnold Schwarzenegger stacks up as the new head honcho on Celebrity Apprentice, he’s really not that bad. Arnold is pretty entertaining but it’s getting clearer as the minutes tick by that everyone is going to get sick of his bodybuilding anecdotes. The Governator surely can draw on his experience as a politician and a businessman to come up with something beyond his days as Mr. Universe or when he used his title of Mr. Universe to sell gym memberships. Oh yeah, that happened right in the first hour.

Choosing team names was possibly the easiest decision of the season, the men decided to call themselves Team Arete and the women went with Team Prima.

The Season 15 premiere started off with a double firing and it’s already been revealed that Carrie Keagan went home. What is more shocking is that Porsha Williams was the project manager on the team that got the big L and managed to claw her way out of being terminated herself.

The men faced off against the women and had to sell makeup for Tyra Banks in the first challenge of Season 15. Naturally, the women thought they had an easy win, being that it was makeup and all that. The men put everything they had into though while the women seemed to be a little bit sloppy and Boy George was able to pull out a win for the men’s team.

Porsha Williams got ruthless in the board room and basically threw everyone under the bus in order to keep herself safe. It’s only fair, though, because everyone was turning on her because she was the project manager and Porsha was able to turn it all around and keep herself on the team.

'You're Terminated': Arnold Schwarzenegger Brings Back 'Celebrity Apprentice' With Surprising Double Firing

Snooki was mad because Porsha tried coming for her first, telling Arnold that the Jersey Shore veteran should have spoken up more. It really looked like she might get an early exit but out of nowhere, Schwarzenegger went for the lesser known YouTube star instead. It’s safe to say that Snooki and Porsha will probably spar for as long as they both are there and that extra shot of drama might just keep them both around for a while.

The second challenge seemed a bit fairer and the teams were tasked with putting together a commercial for Trident. Jon Lovitz topped the men’s team and Carnie Wilson took over for the women as they scrambled to put together something that would wow the judges and keep their teammates from facing the Terminator in his newest role.

Jon Lovitz tried to go sketch comedy style a la Saturday Night Live but no one was having it. Citing the objectives from the judges, the men opted not to make fun of Boy George’s teeth as Lovitz suggested and went for a feel good commercial instead. They may have somewhat missed the mark on what Trident wanted but they did a pretty good job. They even had a custom song composed by Vince Neil and Boy George. That’s pretty cool all by itself.

On the other hand, Carnie Wilson led her team to produce a funny commercial where tiny Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi gets in the boxing ring with Laila Ali and knocks her out in a hilarious way. The Team Prima commercial was good but it wasn’t what Trident was looking for and the women took yet another L.

'You're Terminated': Arnold Schwarzenegger Brings Back 'Celebrity Apprentice' With Surprising Double Firing

Back in the boardroom, Carnie Wilson faced off against Lisa Leslie and Snooki for her second trip on the firing line. Snooki must have nine lives because even after Arnold Schwarzenegger put her on the spot, she managed to come out on top. It seems that the argument between Carnie and Lisa was able to take the spotlight off of her.

Lisa made it clear when she told Arnold that she was not in favor of the idea Team Prima used from the very beginning and she did let the other women know. When asked what she did after the group decided to move forward and she said that she jumped right in and did what she was told.

This time around, Carnie Wilson got to hear Schwarzenegger’s new catchphrase, “You’re terminated.” She seemed pretty upset to go home so early and thought that her team did a great job. Now, Team Prima is down two members and Team Arete is looking pretty unstoppable.

Arnold Schwarzenegger actually seems pretty comfortable in his new role and despite the cheesiness of “You’re Terminated,” Celebrity Apprentice just might survive after losing The Donald.

[Featured Image by Luis Trinh/NBC with permission]