Jade Roper On ‘Bachelor’ Nick Viall’s Hook Up With Her Maid Of Honor Liz

What does Jade Roper and Tanner Tolbert think of the fact that one of their friends, Elizabeth “Liz” Sandoz, went on The Bachelor in pursuit of Nick Viall? The Countdown to Nick special that aired on Sunday night provided viewers with a glimpse at some of the contestants that they’ll be watching compete for Nick’s heart on the upcoming season.

One woman, Liz, revealed that she has actually met Nick before. Liz, a 29-year-old doula from Las Vegas, explained that she met Nick during Jade and Tanner’s wedding a year prior, where she was Jade’s maid of honor and Nick was one of the guests. Liz admitted that she found Nick attractive and went over to him. She also admitted that both she and Nick drank a lot that night and formed a connection with one another.

Footage was shown of Liz and Nick dancing together at Jade and Tanner’s wedding. When a producer asked Liz if she and Nick ended up spending the night together, Liz, with a smile, pleaded the fifth. Liz further revealed that Nick asked for her phone number but she didn’t give it to him and didn’t pursue further communication with him because she wasn’t sure if he was just being nice. Liz did admit, however, that she doesn’t know what Nick’s reaction would be upon seeing her at the mansion and whether Nick would even remember who she was.

As the Countdown to Nick special aired on Sunday night, Jade made it clear that she’ll be rooting on her friend Liz. In response to a tweet from a viewer who anticipated that Jade will be rooting for Liz and that she loves Liz’s background and story, Jade tweeted that she likes how the viewer thinks.

As the actual premiere episode aired on Monday night, Jade publicly praised Liz. When one viewer tweeted to Jade that Liz is gorgeous and that Nick is a fool if he doesn’t recognize it, Jade said that Liz is even more gorgeous on the inside. Jade added that Liz is the best friend a girl could ask for.

When another viewer asked her how she feels about Liz entering the show with such a past, Jade made it clear that she didn’t see a problem with it. Jade cheered on Liz’s decision to do the show.

In another tweet, Jade defended her friend. She also revealed that Nick wasn’t the only person from Bachelor Nation that got intimate with another guest after the wedding. Jade tweeted that her and Tanner’s wedding was a romantic night and that there were several hook-ups at their wedding that she’s sure everyone wants to know about.

Tanner, who befriended Nick when they both competed for Kaitlyn Bristowe on The Bachelorette, poked fun of Nick. In response to Bachelorette alum Michael Garofola’s tweet that joked that Nick, invoking the legal right that supposedly existed during medieval Europe that a lord could have sex with his female subjects, had sex with all of the bridesmaids, Tanner joked that Nick also had sex with a few of the groomsmen.

Did Liz and Nick Viall actually have sex after meeting at Jade and Tanner’s wedding? Jade’s tweet only stated that Nick and Liz hooked up, which is open to interpretation. Yet later on in Sunday’s countdown special, when footage of the upcoming season was shown, Liz was shown telling one of the other women that she and Nick had sex. The special teased that Liz’s revelation will cause quite a bit of drama for Nick and the other ladies.

As it turned out, Nick did remember Liz. As viewers saw on Monday night’s The Bachelor premiere, when Liz came out of the limo, Nick seemed to freeze. He didn’t ask her name or introduce himself. Liz still thought that Nick didn’t remember her.

Nick later told host Chris Harrison about his history with Liz.

“I think I met her before at Jade and Tanner’s wedding…”

During the ensuing party, Liz was pleasantly surprised when Nick went up to her and made it clear that he remembered her. Nick in turn was taken by surprise that she would think that he wouldn’t remember someone he was intimate with. The conversation took an awkward turn when Liz told him that she wasn’t there just because Nick was the Bachelor but Nick expressed skepticism over whether she was there for the right reasons. The conversation got even more awkward when Liz told Nick that she had a preconceived notion about him but that changed after watching him on Bachelor in Paradise. Nick quickly noted that Jade and Tanner’s wedding took place prior to the spin-off’s airing.

Despite the awkward conversation, Nick Viall did end up giving Elizabeth “Liz” Sandoz, a rose.

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