Jon Gosselin Spends New Year’s Eve With Half His Kids: What Did They Do?

Jon Gosselin has not been shy about the fact that he doesn’t get to see his kids all of the time. Kate Gosselin has custody of the kids, but Jon does get visitation. He recently shared that he got the chance to spend New Year’s Eve with some of his kids, but not all of them. Us Magazine shared the details about what Jon Gosselin got to do and which kids were there to spend time with him.

It turns out that Jon Gosselin had four of his eight kids on New Year’s Eve. Jon shared a photo on his Instagram page of him with the four kids. He had on a New Year’s Eve hat, and it looked like he had a good time with the kids. Jon Gosselin was holding a selfie stick for the picture. So which four kids did he get to spend time with? Jon had Aaden, Joel, Hannah, and Leah. The picture also had some of his friends and his girlfriend, Colleen in the picture as well.

Jon and Kate Gosselin don’t even really speak at all right now. The two have been dealing with a lot of problems trying to co-parent, but they just can’t make it work. Jon does have a custody agreement that says that he can have the kids every other weekend and get them weeknights for dinner. Jon says that this isn’t what happens, though.

In an interview not long ago, Jon Gosselin explained that he hasn’t been able to see Collin in over a year. Jon says that he doesn’t even know exactly what is going on with Collin right now, even though Kate says he is in a home getting help with his “anger issues.” Jon said he barely speaks to Kate anymore. He went on to explain saying, “How come you only get four kids?’ Because who I get is who I get. Whoever comes through that gate or gets off that bus is who I get. And Collin is homeschooled, so he doesn’t get off a bus.”

As you can see, Jon Gosselin only had four of the six younger children for New Year’s Eve. For some reason, one child must have stayed at home and Collin is still living elsewhere as far as has been revealed at this time. Kate and Jon Gosselin’s two older daughters have not been spending time with Jon lately according to reports.

Kate Gosselin has slammed Jon more than once. Us Magazine shared the details about what Kate had to say recently about Jon. Kate spoke out against him saying the kids want a dad that is there. Here is what she had to say.

“They want a dad who’s there for them. If I’m gonna be really honest, there was kind of the old Jon and the new Jon and none of us can quite understand, like, what happened there. So we struggled together. I mean, they coined it years ago, old daddy and new daddy. That’s understandable, but, like, hard to kind of digest for all of us.”

It really doesn’t look like Kate and Jon Gosselin are ever going to work things out, but at least he is spending time with some of the kids right now. Over time, they may find a way to at least get along well enough that they can both be involved in the children’s lives.

Are you shocked to hear that Jon Gosselin got to spend time with the kids on New Year’s Eve? Do you think that Jon and Kate will ever figure out how to work together on parenting? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don’t miss new episodes of Kate Plus 8 on Tuesday nights on TLC.

[Feutured Image by Anna Webber/Getty Images for Maxim]