Trump Hates This Photo Of Himself On CNN’s ‘Unprecedented’ Book Cover: 25 Other Photos Trump Might Hate

President-elect Trump has a thing about photos. As reported by the Inquisitr, the following photos of Trump’s New Year’s Eve party are growing pretty popular. However, it’s another photo that Trump has made popular on Twitter, as seen below.

President-elect Trump has a new photo to add to the photos that he already doesn’t like of himself. As reported by the Inquisitr, the list of photos that Trump might hate appears to be growing. It isn’t the first time that Trump has taken issue with the photos used of him for news articles or a book cover.

On Tuesday, January 2, Trump sent the following tweet about the CNN book titled Unprecedented: The Election That Changed Everything, and although Trump wrote that he hoped the book did well, Trump called the book cover’s photo the worst photo of himself.


The photo in question shows Trump pointing, as seen below.


As reported by Heavy, there is a different book cover photo that has shown up on CNN’s commemorative 2017 version of the Unprecedented book, as seen below.


The tweet from Trump about the book cover photo only adds to the recent buzz that has surrounded Trump on Twitter. As reported by the Inquisitr, Trump’s Twitter account gained buzz on Sunday, January 1 when one of the Twitter accounts being followed by Trump appeared as “Emergency Kittens,” an adorable Twitter account with photos and videos of kittens. However, the “Emergency Kittens” disappeared from Trump’s Twitter accounts being followed just as soon as it appeared — but not soon enough. Folks were able to get screenshots of the interesting account being followed by Trump’s Twitter account.

Other tweets from Trump’s account are gaining attention on Monday, such as the below tweet wherein Trump claimed that he knew Hillary Clinton’s camp would lose the presidency when their fireworks celebration was canceled. Trump wrote that he believed he would easily win more than the required 270 electoral votes needed.


Apparently, there are photos that Trump loves enough to retweet, such as one seen in the retweet by Trump on January 1. With plenty of photos of Ivanka Trump and other family members, the photo montage is accompanied by a description from the president-elect that proclaimed how much he appreciated the events of 2016.


However, it’s the photo of Trump on the cover of CNN’s book — along with Trump’s bad view of the cover photo — that is gaining plenty of comments on Trump’s Twitter page. Many people are posting awkward photos of Trump in response to the tweet, while others are simply leaving comments like the ones below. Some of the responses show folks calling Trump vain for caring about the cover photo of him that CNN used, while others wrote that Trump should be keeping an eye out for more important and presidential matters.

: “ glad to see you’re spending time thinking about the important things!”

: “Today’s important message from the Narcissist in Chief. This is apparently the photo the Mirror-Gazer in Chief hates. Make sure not to retweet it!

: “Given any thoughts to what may happen in the future if your Twitter account gets hacked?”

: “You’re so vain.”

: “… he probably thought that book was about him.”

: “Now the president elect is whining about a photo they used. Jesus. What a clown.”

: “Aww, I don’t think it’s *that* bad, . It really captures your good side!”

Trump can be seen in the top photo above at a rally nearly one year ago, when Trump spoke at South Point Resort & Casino in Las Vegas, on January 21, 2016.

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