Stevie J And Joseline: ‘Love And Hip Hop’ Stars Welcome Daughter Bonnie Bella

The Love and Hip Hop drama never ends, and as Stevie J and Joseline have proven, sometimes the drama from TV can spill over into real life! However, the latest news about Stevie J and Joseline — the Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta couple that everyone either hates to love or loves to hate — suggests that the duo are putting aside their differences, at least temporarily, to announce the birth of their new daughter.

According to Reality Tea, Stevie J and Joseline officially became the proud parents to daughter Bonnie Bella on December 28. Never one to let an opportunity to throw some shade pass her by, Joseline tweeted about the delivery all throughout her contractions, frequently referring to her baby as “the little h– who think she bad” and giving a shout-out to the doula after the baby finally came into the world.

Apparently, all was forgiven once little Bonnie Bella came along because the star immediately posted a picture of her new baby online for all the world to admire. Aw!

In the past, Stevie J and Joseline have had their issues. However, according to the Source, it was recently revealed that Stevie was, unquestionably, the father of Joseline’s baby, as she’d been previously shouting about.

The outlet is reporting that the couple took a DNA test prior to Joseline giving birth, and Stevie J was proven, with absolute certainty, to be the father of the baby.

Once that was revealed, Stevie then publicly proclaimed that he would like to be in the delivery room when Joseline gives birth. Originally, Joseline was scheduled to give birth on January 9, but it seems as though Bonnie Bella couldn’t wait that long to meet her parents.

And though Joseline hasn’t revealed, as of yet, whether Stevie J was in the delivery room with her on December 28, it seems like she’s reveling in her new role of being a mom. She recently tweeted that she “can’t stop looking” at her daughter, with whom she is “so in love.”

This, of course, does not mean that the drama is over for Stevie J and Joseline.

According to Wetpaint, when Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta returns to VH1, one of the first things the on-again, off-again couple will have to address is Stevie’s rumored relationship with a 24-year-old singer named Candice Boyd.

The site is reporting that Candice — who is a protege of Ne-Yo and recently did a song with French Montana — is set to join the cast of Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta this season thanks to her steamy romance with the record producer, and this is obviously going to cause some issues between Stevie and his latest baby mama!

The site further revealed that Candice’s relationship with Stevie J was “outed” by her own sister, causing Candice to delete any evidence of Stevie J off of her social media account. While it’s entirely possible that the two could just be working on music together for the purposes of the show, we all know that these things inevitably lead to something more down the line!

And though it’s not clear when Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta will return with new episodes, we’re no doubt in for some real drama when it finally does air.

Congratulations to Stevie J and Joseline on the birth of their new daughter!

[Featured Image by Moses Robinson/Getty Images]