Caroline Stanbury Blames Marissa Hermer For Legal Trouble Rumors, New ‘Ladies Of London’ Feud Brewing

Ladies of London has been full of confrontations. Caroline Stanbury has been the breakout star since the beginning, and now, she is the one who is really letting loose on the other ladies. Marissa Hermer (also an original cast member) seems to be the target of her wrath this season. Stanbury believes that Hermer has it out for her and is the sole person behind rumors of her legal trouble causing her to flee to Dubai. All of this has been hashed out on social media after being mentioned on last week’s episode of Ladies of London.

Marissa Hermer may not be as innocent as she portrays herself to be on television, but that’s typical of reality stars. This season of Ladies of London has shown just how frightening the last year of Hermer’s life has been. In fact, she couldn’t have possibly had time to worry about Caroline Stanbury.

According to All About the Tea, Caroline Stanbury is absolutely convinced the rumors of legal trouble started with Marissa Hermer. Fans are split on what they believe, but after watching the ordeal Hermer went through with her last pregnancy, it is a high possibility that Stanbury wasn’t even on her mind. Marissa had to deliver her little girl at only 34 weeks and had an emergency hysterectomy following the delivery. While all is okay now, it wasn’t easy to deal with it as it was happening.

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There is a lot going on in Caroline Stanbury’s life, and she has lashed out quite heavily on the Ladies of London cast. Her former sister-in-law, Sophie Stanbury, was on the receiving end of some of the harsh treatment. Because Stanbury believes Sophie sided with Julie Montagu, she is now paying the price. It is all very odd, especially since Caroline’s perception of what happened isn’t exactly what viewers saw on Ladies of London.

New to this season, Adela King has also caught a lot of heat from Stanbury. The two have been friends for years, and when she called her out during their trip to Mapperton, Caroline was not happy at all. Speculation is that all of the changes in Stanbury’s behavior were due to stress from the move to Dubai.

It has not been confirmed about whether Caroline Stanbury will return to Ladies of London if Bravo picks up the series for Season 4. She is splitting her time between Dubai and the West Coast, and going back to London to film may be a bit much for her. Some of the relationships that split from being filmed have not yet been repaired. Marissa Hermer and Stanbury are clearly still at odds according to their Twitter banter regarding whether the rumors of legal trouble were made up by her. Last year was tough for Caroline as she dissolved her company and tied up all of the loose ends before moving her family to Dubai.

Tuesday night’s upcoming episode of Ladies of London is going to see more drama between Caroline Stanbury and the rest of the cast. The only person who hasn’t caught her wrath has been Juliet Angus, who has managed to keep her happy. In fact, she was the only one who had her back when the argument happened at Mapperton.

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This season has drama written all over it, and with the amount of tension, it could easily score another season if the rest of the episodes keep the same pace as the beginning of the season. Caroline Stanbury has it in her head that Marissa Hermer told the lies about her legal troubles, and even though Hermer is defending herself, Stanbury isn’t buying it.

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