Leah Messer Screams At Daughters During ‘Teen Mom 2’ Season Premiere, Reality Star Loses Her Temper

Leah Messer is a hot mess mom. She is always running late, losing things, and walking around with a frazzled look. The hand she has been dealt isn’t the easiest, especially because her first experience being a mom was to twin girls, not just a single baby. Through two marriages and two divorces, Messer has held her own for the most part. Life is starting to throw curveballs, and it appeared that she was knocking them out of the park until the Teen Mom 2 sneak peek was released.

Losing your cool happens sometimes, and Leah Messer is not exempt from it. According to the Hollywood Gossip, Leah loses her temper with her girls and screams at them. This causes them to get upset and Messer heads back in the house to scream some more. The sneak peek proves that even when everything looks like it is going great, there are still bad days to get through. Being a hot mess mom happens to even the best mom every now and again.


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MTV airing this moment in Leah Messer’s story has fans wondering whether or not she has actually changed. It appeared that she had finally gotten her life together. She regained custody of her twin girls and worked out things with ex-husband, Corey Simms, to co-parent more efficiently. Messer and Jeremy Calvert have been working on co-parenting Adalyn together as well. Despite the fact that she is now a single mom of three girls, it appeared things were on an upswing. Watching Messer lose her cool and go off on her young daughters really upset fans. Many took to social media to bash her and the way she acted in the clip.

At one point, Leah Messer looked like she may be headed down the wrong path. She was caught almost falling asleep on camera while holding a baby and during that same season, she went to rehab. While Messer will still deny she was ever addicted to prescription pills, the speculation about what was really going on was running rampant across social media. Rehab was completed, and she headed back her hometown to start things over. This is when things began looking up, and the relationships with both of her ex-husbands seemed to fall into place. Rumors of dating have been swirling, but Messer insists she is not with anyone and hasn’t been dating.

Fans are interested to see how things will play out with Leah Messer this season. She is already claiming that the editing MTV does makes her look bad. The sneak peek could have been edited but what was shown actually happened and losing her temper on her twin daughters isn’t going to go over well at all. Using the editing excuse is pointless now, every one of the Teen Mom franchise stars has used this line at one point or another. Messer isn’t the first, and she certainly won’t be the last.

An all-new season of Teen Mom 2 begins tomorrow night, and Leah Messer will be front and center. The sneak peek is only a portion of what will be shown, leading fans to wonder what else will trigger her reacting like that. Messer has had a lot of ups and downs throughout filming the show, and it looks like she is finally moving toward more normalcy, including slip ups like what was shown. Being a young mother isn’t easy, but many of the Teen Mom stars have been able to make it work. Leah Messer is proud of how far she has come and will continue to go in the future as long as she stays on the right path.

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