Here Are ‘TNA Impact Wrestling’s’ Results For The ‘Hardy New Year’ Episode

One week before the final TNA Impact episode of 2016, viewers were given a recap of some of the greatest highlights TNA gave them throughout the year. Then, viewers were given the last installment before the end of 2016, the “Hardy New Year.”

The “Hardy New Year” episode aired December 29, 2016, and was one that managed to draw in 224,000 viewers, according to ShowBuzzDaily, while the episode that aired the best of 2016 managed to draw in 209,000. On the cable top 150, this means it ranked No. 122, up from No. 149 the week prior, an indicator the Hardy brothers are big among viewers.

These are great results, taking into account that little was advertised in advance, other than the revelation regarding the gender of Matt’s next child and a recap of all the major developments regarding the relationship shared between Matt and Jeff Hardy. Let’s take a look at how everything went down, according to

The show started at House Hardy, with Vanguard 1 (VG1) drinking a mojito, courtesy of Senõr Benjamin, and a “12 Days of Christmas” remix, as we’re reminded Matt and Reby plan to announce the gender of their new child after Matt has a premonition that the Seven Deities will reveal the gender.

In the first match during TNA Impact’s last show of 2016, fans were shown the World Title Series’ finals from last January in which Matt Hardy faced EC3 and lost. Fans were then thrown back to the Hardy House, where Matt asks VG1 and Senor Benjamin to go with him to Brother Nero’s house. When he notices Vanguard is wasted, he decides not to go with him.

The next match is then replayed: EC3 vs. Matt Hardy, Last Man Standing from January of 2016, where Matt was to become TNA champion. When the group gets to Nero’s house, they only find two of Jeff Hardy’s alter egos: Willow and Itchweed.


Cageside Seats tells us that fans then see Jeff Hardy taking down Matt in an “I Quit” match that was fought back in April of 2016. Without a lot of interruptions, fans were immediately given Matt vs. Jeff from Slammiversary, where Matt wasn’t doing great and, as such, wasn’t able to win. The Final Deletion between the Hardy brothers, from July of 2016, is played. In it, Matt Hardy beat Jeff.

Crowds gather to watch TNA Slammiversary
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Jeff and Matt Hardy return to the Dome of Deletion, where they signed the contract in early 2016. Matt tells Jeff to take the broken table and follow him. He proceeds to repay Jeff by giving him back everything he took so that Brother Nero can return to his former glory. In a beautifully spiritual scene, VG1 joins them as they all hold hands while the essence is transferred back into Jeff Hardy. The Deities help them turn the table obsolete, making it light aflame.

Near the end of the show, a replay of Delete of Decay (from September 2016) is played, followed by the Great War from Bound for Glory (from October 2016). In both of these, the Hardy brothers took down Decay in two completely unforgettable matches.

Matt Hardy and Reby Sky in the rink
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To top it all off, Matt wonders whether Jeff would prefer the child to be a boy or a girl, and Jess says he’s blessed either way. The match against Tag Team Apocalypto, from December of 2016, is played. In it, the Hardys beat Tag Team Apocalypto in one of TNA Impact Wrestling’s most defining moments of the year.

The Lake of Transformation gives the audience the big announcement by blowing out blue smoke: It’s a boy, so little Maxel will have a new baby brother! The Hardy brothers may possibly give us great wrestling matches with one more generation. The question remains: Will they keep on carrying TNA Impact through it all? Only time will tell. Needless to say, the Seven Deities delivery on their promises.


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