Donald Trump’s Twitter Follows Then Un-Follows ‘Emergency Kittens’ Twitter Account [Breaking]

As of this writing, if a person visits the official Twitter account of Donald Trump, they will learn that one of the 43 accounts on Twitter that Trump has chosen to follow (or at least the person running Trump’s Twitter account has chosen to follow) includes the account titled “Emergency Kittens.” Such a fact is sending shockwaves throughout the Twitter world and beyond — the thought that the soon-to-be leader of the free world might have actually chosen to follow a cute kitten Twitter account.

Granted, there are some pretty cute kittens that have shown up on the Emergency Kittens Twitter page. However, as reported by Heavy, the thought that President Trump could potentially be viewing cute kittens as nuclear bombs fall isn’t sitting well with everyone who uses social media. Some of the reactions from folks learning that Trump follows the Emergency Kittens Twitter account can be seen below.

Indeed, there are some pretty adorable cats on the Emergency Kittens Twitter account, such as the below GIF of the kitten who is apparently reacting to the fact that President-elect Trump has followed the Twitter account.

Prior to that shocking GIF that shows the shocked reaction of a kitten placing his or her paw to its mouth at the thought of being followed by a man with such a high-security clearance, below photos like the following were posted to the Emergency Kittens Twitter account.

Viewing the Twitter accounts that are listed as ones followed by Trump as of this writing not only include the Emergency Kittens account, but also people like actress Roma Downey. The Emergency Kittens Twitter account, located at @EmrgencyKittens, describes itself as having the cutest cats on the Internet. Update: Trump is no longer following the Emergency Kittens Twitter page.

“Critiquing the cutest cats online!”

That Twitter account shows up right next to Reince Priebus on Twitter, as the folks that Trump’s Twitter account follows, with the @Reince description reading as follows on Twitter.

“Chairman, Republican National Committee; Incoming White House Chief of Staff for

Besides following cute kitten accounts, Trump already made news for his swanky New Year’s Eve party, as reported by the Inquisitr. That party included celebrities like Sly Stallone, who was photographed entering the shindig at Mar-a-Lago in Palm Beach, along with other well-heeled guests. There was no word if there were Emergency Kittens at the party.

Reactions on social media to Trump apparently following the Emergency Kittens Twitter account can be read below, such as the person who quipped that Trump’s “grab ’em by the p****” comment was being taken too literally now that the Trump Twitter account is following a kitten account. Other folks on Twitter are joking about just how important the Emergency Kittens Twitter account has become now that Trump has followed their account.

: “ He’s taking this ‘grabbing’ thing a bit too literally…”

: “That time became the most important twitter account on the planet.”

: “ You have been blessed by The Don.”

please make a stand and block him. Please.”

: “ The President has plans for you.”

“I think showing my girlfriend that Trump likes this page may finally get her onto the Trump Train….”

Not everyone felt that it was a bad thing for Trump to follow Emergency Kittens. Indeed, some folks tweeted that they believe viewing photos of cute cats to be a good stress reliever for a job as important as the presidency. Either way, in the day and age of the Twitter and Instagram follows and un-follows of famous people being viewed pretty often, Trump likely realizes now that the entire world will know when he follows kittens on Twitter.

[Featured Image by Evan Vucci/AP Images]