‘Legends Of Tomorrow’ Death. Which Member Of The Legends Team Is Going To Die At The End Of This Season?

Will there be a Legends of Tomorrow death at the end of Season 2? It’s become kind of a tradition on CW superhero shows for at least one character to die each season. In the first season of the Arrow, it was Tommy, while in the first season of The Flash it was Eddie. Even the Legends themselves did it last year with Captain Cold. So who – if anyone – will bite it this year?

Who Might Want to Leave?

There is always the possibility that the decision will be made based on which of the actors no longer wants to be on the show. For instance, while Rip Hunter’s character wasn’t actually killed off in Legends of Tomorrow, they removed him for a big chunk of the season because the actor had other obligations.

In the same way, the actors playing any of the other characters on the show could find themselves with contractual obligations that require them to leave, either temporarily or permanently. Permanently usually means killing off the character.

As noted by Comic Book.com, highly respected character actor Victor Garber worked on a number of television and film projects last year, including the well-received Sicario. If he found it necessary to choose between a major motion picture deal and remaining on Legends of Tomorrow, he might choose the former rather than the latter.

On the other hand, it’s quite possible that Brandon Routh might decide it’s unpalatable to continue playing a minor-league superhero like the Atom after having played Superman in a major motion picture. On the third hand, a paycheck is a paycheck.

There is also the possibility of pregnancy. There are two principal female actors on the show, and if they became pregnant it might be difficult to work the concept into the show in a way that was believable – although believability in Legends of Tomorrow might be a contradiction.

And it’s not as if Legends of Tomorrow can afford the high budget CGI magic that allowed Scarlett Johansson to be pregnant throughout the filming of Ultron without it being obvious to viewers. No, in the case of Legends, the much cheaper option of simply killing off the character would probably be used.

So if any of these actors decide for personal or professional reasons to leave the show, killing off their character would be a viable option. In fact, it might be the only option.

Who Should Die from a Story Standpoint?

When considering a Legends of Tomorrow death, it’s also possible that the producers – for plot and storytelling reasons – might want to kill off a character, whether the actor wants to leave or not. For instance, the character of Kes in Star Trek: Voyager was so annoying to many viewers that the producers decided to kill her off and replace her with someone more interesting.

If anyone on Legends of Tomorrow is going to be killed off because of the annoyance factor, it should probably be Mick Rory/Heat Wave. The simple truth is that this character – despite the occasional funny line – isn’t really a superhero at all. He’s just a guy with a gun.

In addition, he’s evolved about as much as a character can evolve over the course of the show, going from evil bad guy to a self-sacrificing – if somewhat gruff – uncle like figure. So since the producers and writers have squeezed about as much as they can from this character, it might be timely to drop him from the show.

But the producers might want to use a different approach when choosing who they’ll kill off this season – if anyone. For instance, they could decide they want to kill off a highly popular character in order to boost the ratings by forcing people to watch next season and find out who it was that died. In other words, they might pull a Walking Dead on us.

[Featured Image by The CW]