Mariah Brown Of ‘Sister Wives’ Makes Huge Announcement That She Is Gay

Tonight on a new episode of Sister Wives, Mariah Brown shared that she had a big announcement to make to the family. Christine Brown tried to get her to tell her what was going on, but Mariah was quiet about it and wouldn’t tell until the entire family was in the room. All of the moms and Kody Brown came into one room along with Christine Brown’s mom who lives with the family. It was then time for Mariah to finally make her announcement.

Kody Brown said that he could tell that it was an important meeting. He even teased Mariah Brown that if she is engaged, he hopes that it was to someone that he knows and likes. She explained that wasn’t what was going on at all. Next, Kody Brown asked if she got accepted into medical school. She explained to her dad that she hasn’t even applied yet, so that wasn’t the case.

Finally, Mariah Brown announced “I’m gay” with a huge smile on her face. One mom then said, “Are you serious?” Meri Brown looked really shocked to hear the news. They showed on a preview that Kody explains that he isn’t happy that Mariah Brown is gay, but instead he is happy that she knows herself. Robyn Brown seems totally okay with all of it. Meri Brown is shocked because she thought she knew her daughter and she wasn’t expecting to hear that at all. Mariah is the only daughter that Meri has with Kody.

Mariah Brown does have a Twitter account, and she lets you in on a lot about her on this page. Her profile says, “ask me about my radical feminist agenda.” She also shared that she spent New Years with her brother Logan and his girlfriend Michelle in Dublin. It sounds like they had a great time together. Mariah says that 2016 was a hard year for her, but was also probably the best year of her life. You have to wonder if the fact that she finally admitted that she is gay to her family is part of the reason it was such a good year for her. Mariah has also made it very clear that she is excited to become an aunt since her sister Maddie Brown is pregnant. Mariah hasn’t been shy on her Twitter about the fact that she does drink and enjoys it, which also shows she isn’t following all of the religious things she was taught growing up.

The Ashley’s Reality Roundup shared a while back that Mariah Brown had admitted she might want to live the polygamist lifestyle at some point. Most of the family doesn’t want that, but Mariah liked the way that she grew up and was totally fine with having sister wives in her life. She did later share that once she started going to college, she had changed her mind and didn’t want to live the polygamist lifestyle. She no longer agrees with the way her church believes.

Are you shocked to hear that Mariah Brown made the decision that she is gay and shared with the family? Is this what you were expecting her to say? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don’t miss the new episode of Sister Wives next Sunday where the family will talk about Mariah Brown’s big announcement. Next week is going to be a great episode where they talk a lot more about what Mariah had to say and you do not want to miss it.

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