‘Arrow’ Season 5 Spoilers: Will ‘Arrow’ Black Siren Become Black Canary?

The following might contain Arrow Season 5 spoilers. The return of Laurel Lance at the end of the midseason break episode of Arrow came as a bit of a shock to many viewers. The Internet exploded with speculation about how Laurel could still be alive since the viewers witnessed both her death and her funeral in the previous season.

Of course, superhero deaths in comic books or comic book-based television shows are almost never permanent. Arrow itself has skirted the edge of credulity with its tendency to bring back characters from the dead. This can be seen in the case of both Sara and – seemingly – Oliver himself.

As noted by Collider, the most recent trailer makes it quite clear that this isn’t what’s happened with Laurel’s return at the end of the last episode of Arrow. Although, as the character of Laurel herself points out in the trailer, it takes the Arrow team some time to figure out what’s going on, the truth is that this isn’t the Laurel they know.

The Laurel of the Arrow universe – the one who was Black Canary – apparently is actually dead. This Laurel is an escapee from the Flash’s underground prison at Star Labs.

As viewers of The Flash will remember from last season, the character of Black Canary in the Earth Prime universe has, like most of the other characters in the DC universe, an evil alternative version in the mostly evil Earth 2 universe.

In the case of Laurel Lance, her alter ego – instead of being the Black Canary – was the ultra-evil Black Siren. And whereas the Laurel that Arrow viewers are familiar with had used a device for producing her patented “Canary cry” when battling bad guys, that’s not the case for the Laurel from Earth 2.

This evil Laurel/Black Siren was a servant of last year’s big bad on The Flash, Zoom. With Zoom’s defeat at the hands of Flash and crew, the Black Siren found herself a permanent resident of the Flash’s mini Alcatraz.

However – as made clear from the teaser trailer that The CW recently offered up – this Laurel has apparently escaped from captivity and is trying to wheedle her way – doubtless for some nefarious reason – into the Arrow team.

But the question is, will she really stay bad? We’ve already seen supposedly irredeemable and evil characters in The CW superhero universe turn into good guys and even heroes – such as with Captain Cold on The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow, who actually sacrificed his life to save others.

There are other reasons to think that this might be the case. For one thing, the convenient killing off of the Laurel in the current Arrow universe allowed for the introduction of an edgier, more interesting version of the character. It also means that instead of using a gadget to express her “powers,” the character will become more like the meta-human she is in the comic books.

Laurel on deathbed, but now Laurel returns. Or is it Laurel?
Laurel on deathbed, but now Laurel returns. Or is it Laurel? [Image by The CW]

And speaking of the comic books, there is also the point that – according to the comics – the principal romance that should be taking place in Arrow would be that of Oliver and Laurel, not Oliver and Felicity or Oliver and some random person.

The romance between these two characters was one of the principal features of the comic books that was dropped when the character of Green Arrow was brought to television. For many people, the relationship between Felicity and Oliver has never quite gelled. This is in part because they are not in any way equals.

But the Black Canary of the comic books is more than an equal for the Green Arrow. While this may not turn out to be Arrow Season 5 spoilers in the end, at this point it seems perfectly logical that Black Siren will become Black Canary as she actually is in the comics.

[Featured Image by The CW]