Mariah Carey Sabotaged During New Year’s Eve Performance For Ratings? TV Executives Deny Allegations

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Was Mariah Carey’s New Year’s Eve performance sabotaged by TV executives for ratings? Carey ran head-on into disaster when she was singing at Times Square only to get caught lip syncing to her music on Dick Clark’s New Year Rockin’ Eve with Ryan Seacrest 2017.

TMZ reports that Mariah Carey’s camp believes she was sabotaged by studio execs for the sake of scoring high ratings for the live show. She was seen performing with her backup dancers but was clearly having issues with her earpiece as the song continued playing. The Grammy-winning singer eventually pulled out the earpiece in an attempt to get back on track, but it didn’t work.

According to the report, Mariah Carey thinks she was sabotaged because her camp complained several times to executives of Dick Clark Productions that her ear pieces weren’t working. When Carey did an interview with Ryan Seacrest an hour before she appeared on the stage at Times Square, that she was having problems with the equipment. She was heard telling Seacrest in one segment of the interview that she couldn’t hear him.

It was after the interview when Mariah’s people took their concerns to execs that the “inner ears” weren’t working. They were informed that the ear equipment would be on a different frequency when she was on stage and no problems would occur.

Minutes prior to Carey going on stage, panic set in when she couldn’t hear anything. Her team was told that the tent they getting prepared in muffled the sound, but would be sufficient on stage. Things began to unravel when Mariah’s mic pack wasn’t working because the battery was dead. Although the battery pack was changed out, the singer got suspicious when she took to the stage early to do a test. She wasn’t able to hear anything in her inner ear. Her camp says they complained over and over, but no resolution came of it. She only went on stage because she didn’t want to back out of her agreement.

Mariah Carey believes she was sabotaged because it didn’t end there. When she got on stage, the prompter for her lyrics and stage cues wasn’t functioning, either. Frustrated during the performance, Mariah tore out her earpiece in a last ditch effort to hear the music, but the crowd drowned it out.

All of these instances were too coincidental to be an accident, according to Mariah’s people. They allege the TV executives engaged in sabotage “so they could get Mariah drama.”

Mariah Carey’s people also sent off an email to an executive at Dick Clark Productions, reading, “This is sabotage.”

In response to Mariah Carey’s “sabotage” allegations, sources with Dick Clark Production deny they did anything to deliberately ruin her performance on New Year’s Eve. They tell TMZ that the “sabotage” claim is “silly,” because she chose not to do a sound check and had someone else do it instead. They insist that eight monitors were on stage amplifying sound — stating that even without an inner ear, Mariah shouldn’t have had any problems hearing the music adequately. They also accuse Mariah of altering her story since she originally said the track was wrong, but Dick Clark sources assert that her people provided them the track list.

Representatives with Dick Clark tell the Daily Mail that claims they would “intentionally compromise” an artist is “defamatory, outrageous, and frankly absurd.”

The statement from reps went on to say that in “very rare instances there are of course technical errors that can occur with live television, however, an initial investigation has indicated that dcp had no involvement in the challenges associated with Ms. Carey’s New Year’s Eve performance.”

Mariah Carey was open about her frustration at the New Year’s Eve performance, telling the crowd she was ‘trying to be a good sport here” and that “it is what it is. It just don’t get any better” before storming off the stage.

“I wanted a holiday too. Can’t I just have one?” Carey later said.

Mariah Carey went to Instagram addressing the doomed performance with “s**t happens.”

Is it possible that Mariah Carey’s performance was sabotaged for ratings New Year’s Eve or did it all amount to technical malfunctions?

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