Eva Amurri Reveals Shocking News That Her Night Nurse Dropped Baby, Cracking Skull

Eva Amurri looking great

In shocking news, Eva Amurri of Undateable is revealing something very tragic that happened in her life she hasn’t shared before. People revealed what Eva is now telling everyone. Eva is actually concerned that she is dealing with depression right now and isn’t holding back about what is going on. Eva is the mother of two children daughter Marlowe Mae, two, and son Major James, three months.

Eva Amurri isn’t holding back at all. She actually went to her own blog, which is called HappilyEvaAfter, and shared all of the details about what happened to her recently. Something recently happened with her child and Eva is very upset by it. She went on to explain.

“A couple of days after Thanksgiving, our Night Nurse fell asleep while holding Major and dropped him, and he cracked his head on the hardwood floor. Kyle and I were sleeping at the time and were awoken by the sound of his head hitting the floor, and then hysterical piercing screams. He suffered a fractured skull and bleeding on his brain, and was transported by ambulance to Yale Medical Center where I spent two harrowing days with him to receive emergency care and further testing. To say these were the most traumatic and anxious two days of my life is an understatement.”

After that, Eva Amurri went on to explain a few more details. She said that luckily her young son Major is totally fine and there is nothing wrong with him at all. This could have turned out so much worse for the family, but luckily Eva’s little boy is fine. Major is still smiling and cooing, which is a great thing considering what he went through recently. One thing that Eva is afraid of is that people will judge her for not taking care of her son at night. She went on to explain.

“Let me tell you – the guilt I bore in the days and weeks after this accident was more intense and more damaging than anything I would wish upon my worst enemy. I wept in the hospital, telling anyone who would listen that it should have been me. That I was to blame.”

Now luckily, Eva Amurri reveals that it wasn’t something she could control and that this was just an accident that happened. A lot of things are changing now for Eva Amurri, though. She can’t imagine the idea of someone else being in charge of taking care of her son Major. Eva knows that now she has to be the one that is in charge of her son’s care at all times. This is going to make things difficult, but it is the way she wants it to be now.

Now Eva Amurri is going through a hard time. She is having trouble sleeping and even eating due to stress. Her daughter fell at the playground recently, and of course, she was just fine, but it really scared Eva. She said that she cried and cried and now realizes that she needs to “take some things off her plate.” Eva is seeking help, but shared saying she feels like she has “some form of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, possibly linked to some form of Postpartum Depression.” Eva was very open with her fans about what happened to Major, and hopefully, she will continue to share with her fans about what is going on and how she is recovering.

Are you shocked by what happened to Eva Amurri’s son? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and you can read everything that she had to say on her blog post on HappilyEvaAfter.com.

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