New Superman Series Next Year? Geoff Johns of DC And Warner Drops Some Hints That A New DC Show Is Coming

Could a new Superman series be in the offing next year? According to Comic Book, hints dropped by Geoff Johns of DC and Warner fame suggest that a new DC series will be premiering in 2017. Although some other shows are known to be in production, and a Black Lightning series might be a more likely option, there’s also the possibility that Tyler Hoechlin from Supergirl will continue his highly successful run as Superman in his own series.

Reasons Why It Could Be a New Superman Series

For years, Warner Bros./DC was reluctant to allow Superman – or for that matter Batman – to appear on the small screen. They apparently felt that it would interfere with the box office numbers they hope to enjoy from their DC Cinematic Universe on the big screen.

However, Superman’s two movie outings – with Henry Cavill playing the Man of Steel – haven’t exactly been rip-roaring successes. While neither film – Superman nor Batman v Superman– lost money, they also didn’t make the kind of box office numbers that Warner Bros. was expecting. The second of the two was also a critical failure with both critics and fans.

Following this, the decision was apparently made to allow Superman to actually appear as a fully integrated character on Supergirl – after the show moved to The CW from CBS this season. While there was some concern that the character might overshadow that of Supergirl herself, they worked well together on screen, leaving many hoping for Superman’s return to the series.

Given that they already have a highly successful version of Superman on The CW, it would make sense for Geoff Johns, Warner Bros., DC and Greg Berlanti – the principal producer of The CW DC shows – to take advantage of this known quantity when moving on to another superhero show.

While DC also has other series like Gotham either on – or about to be on – other networks, The CW seems like a natural home for the Warner Bros. stable of superheroes – at least on the small screen. Right now, The CW has Supergirl on Mondays, The Flash on Tuesdays, Arrow on Wednesdays and Legends of Tomorrow on Thursdays.

In theory, all they have to do is slide the Superman series into the Friday timeslot. On the other hand, the studio recently announced that Legends of Tomorrow would be moving from its Thursday timeslot so that it could air immediately after The Flash on Tuesdays.

This means that the Thursday timeslot would also be available if they wanted to place a new Superman series there. Whether it’s Thursday or Friday, they will probably want to position the Superman show well away from the Supergirl series to give both room to breathe.

Why It Might Not Be a New Superman Series

Of course, there are arguments against the idea that Johns is talking about a new Superman series. For one thing, announcements of new TV series for The CW or anywhere else on television usually don’t come from Geoff Johns.

Johns has principally been focused on his new role as the czar of DC movies over at Warner Bros., as well as his ongoing work with DC Comics. So the announcement coming from him would be a bit odd.

There’s also the fact that – as mentioned above – there are other DC series known to be in the works that could easily be the series he’s talking about. As reported by Deadline, we know that a Black Lightning television series is currently in preparation – although whether it will be on The CW, Fox or somewhere else is unknown. If this is the new series talked about by Johns, it might have no connection with The CW.

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