Amy Winehouse’s Wedding Dress Stolen

Amy Winehouse’s charity says two of the late singer’s dresses are missing and believed to have been stolen from her North London home.

One of the dresses is the one she wore when she married Black Felder-Civil in 2006. The other is a newsprint cocktail dress she wore for an appearance on Later … With Jools Holland.

Her father, Mitch Winehouse, confirmed that the dresses had been stolen. The outfits, which are valued at around $210,000, were going to be auctioned to raise money for the Amy Winehouse Foundation.

Winehouse said whoever stole the clothing knew exactly what to look for when they went into the house.

“It’s sickening that someone would steal something in the knowledge of its sentimental value,” Winehouse said.

The break-in apparently occurred during a two-day window in which many of the late singer’s belongings were being cataloged for storage.


“A few people were involved, and there was some coming and going,” Mitch Winehouse said. “We’re going through everything else to see what else, if anything, has been lifted.”

Winehouse was surprised that the thieved didn’t take other designer dresses that were more expensive than the two that were stolen. Police are investigating the matter but have no suspects.

Amy Winehouse’s Camden home was turned into a shrine by fans after the singer’s death on July 23, 2011. The three-bedroom house was originally going to serve as the headquarters for the Amy Winehouse Foundation, the charity set up by her parents to support causes that were dear to their daughter’s heart.

The property was put up for a sale earlier this year after it was decided that it wasn’t practical to pay to maintain an empty house.