America Ferrera Takes ‘Superstore’ To ‘The Good Place’?

America Ferrera spent much of 2016 bringing the character of Amy to life on Superstore. But if new still shots from an upcoming episode of The Good Place are any indication, Amy will be taking a trip to the great beyond. SpoilerTV published photos from Episode 13 of The Good Place that show Ferrera in her Cloud 9 vest, nametag “Amy,” in conversation with Ted Danson and Kristen Bell.

If it’s indeed a crossover episode, Superstore fans will have to wait a few weeks to see it. The Good Place season finale, “Michael’s Gambit,” is set to air January 19, 2017, according to Nerdspan. Superstore returns with new episodes two weeks before that on January 5, 2017. For Ferrera, it will be a season of new experiences as she revealed on Instagram that she directed the first episode of the new year.

Cast of NBC sitcom 'Superstore'
America Ferrera is part of the ensemble cast of 'Superstore.' [Image by Mike Windle/Getty Images]

Ferrera has also been celebrating the conclusion of 2016 by looking back on some great moments from the past year, posting pictures of her Superstore cast mates, her time campaigning for Hillary Clinton, and her successful completion of a triathalon. That last accomplishment was momentous for Ferrera, who wrote an op-ed piece in the New York Times about silencing her inner critic during training.

In that op-ed, America looked back on her 2007 Emmy win for Ugly Betty, when a voice in her head told her she didn’t deserve the honor and to rush off the stage as quickly as possible. In order to get in shape for the athletic event almost a decade later, she had to run, swim, and bike, which required early Saturday morning training sessions and convincing herself there were no sharks in the ocean.

She said the training sessions were her real accomplishment and the challenge was as much mental as it was physical.

“When I crossed the finish line, I didn’t cry, which shocked me, because I am a crier. It wasn’t until two days later, on a flight to New York, that the reality of what I had actually done hit me and the tears began to flow. I didn’t just complete a triathlon. For five months, I showed up to defend myself against a scared and angry voice. In the end, I didn’t eradicate her. But I had transformed her.

“With every step, stroke and pedal, I turned ‘No, I can’t’ into ‘Yes, I can,’ ‘I’m limited’ into ‘Look what I’m capable of,’ and ‘I’m weak’ into ‘I am whole, healthy and strong.”

As ET Online reported, Ferrera not only completed the triathlon in three hours 42 minutes back in September 2016, but also attended a pre-Emmys party that evening with her husband. Although she changed into appropriate glam for the showbiz party, she left her competitor numbers on her arm for the event as a symbol of her hard work.

America Ferrera and the 'Ugly Betty' cast
America Ferrera won an Emmy for her work on 'Ugly Betty.' [Image by Rick Kern/Getty Images]

Although The Good Place is airing its season finale after only 13 episodes, fans of Superstore will have plenty more antics from the Cloud 9 crew in the months to come. The Hollywood Reporter revealed in September that the show, which had a short Season 1 of only 11 episodes in the first half of 2016, got a back nine order from NBC for Season 2. That means the original 13-episode pick up for 2016-17 was extended to a full season of 22 episodes.

The Good Place follows Superstore on NBC’s Thursday night lineup starting at 8 pm. New episodes begin next week after the conclusion of the holiday season. The new episode of Superstore, “Lost and Found,” will feature America Ferrera’s character, Amy, finding cash in the lost and found bin on New Year’s Day, according to IMDb.

[Featured Image by Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images]