'Resident Evil: The Final Chapter' Star Milla Jovovich On Alice's Last Evolution

Edward VKanty

In just a few weeks, Resident Evil: The Final Chapter will hit theaters, giving fans their last thrill ride in the long-running battle between Milla Jovovich's Alice and the sinister Umbrella Corporation. As what is expected to be the last installment in the Resident Evil film franchise nears a release, Ms. Jovovich talks about the experience of filming The Final Chapter and what it has been like to carry her character through five previous films and this latest offering. While Milla reflects on the evolution of her own character, Sony Pictures shares new Resident Evil: The Final Chapter posters that promise a return to the dreadful Hive for an all out battle.

As Cosmic Book News shares, Sony Pictures has released a series of high resolution posters to tease the premiere of Resident Evil: The Final Chapter, which is scheduled to his theaters in the new year. The end might have been expected for some time, since the plots of previous films have depicted an earth almost completely devastated by the weaponized biological beings created by the Umbrella Corporation's amoral R&D department. There seems to be little for normal mortals to do, other than to wage war against those responsible for destroying their lives.

Resident Evil: The Final Chapter picks up right on the heels of Resident Evil: Retribution, just as Alice (Jovovich) comes to terms with the betrayal committed by Wesker (Shawn Roberts). Seeing no alternative, Alice sets her sights on the Hive, deep below the streets of Raccoon City. Alice soon learns that her attack on the Hive may come just in time, as the Umbrella Corporation sets to unleash its final weapon, a creation intended to end humanity once and for all.

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One can only hope Resident Evil: The Final Chapter will answer the question of what financial gain exists for the Umbrella Corporation in destroying their entire consumer base.

As the posters hint, Alice won't be going it alone in The Final Chapter. Milla Jovovich's character will be joined by past Resident Evil favorites and entirely new characters, as they launch an attack on the Hive meant to save what remains of the human race.

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It has been 15 years since Milla Jovovich first started playing Alice, a role she would cultivate and expand upon in six feature films, and as Milla tells Variety, playing Alice has become much more than an acting job. Through time, the Resident Evil heroine has grown and evolved, almost as a real, living entity, and, while Jovovich does infuse the character with her own personality, Alice won't be reined in quite so easily anymore.

"It's so interesting to be able to go back and play the same character over and over. You're definitely molding this person. But you have to let them breathe. It can't just be you trying to infuse yourself into them all the time," Milla says. "You're raising them in a way … just like a child."

It's a different social climate now, than it was when Milla first started playing Alice in the Resident Evil franchise. Mostly, Ms. Jovovich says the surge in feminism has helped society to be more accepting of female heroes. The Resident Evil actress says that she's proud to see women more widely accepted as action heroes in films, pointing out that, when she was a girl, Sigourney Weaver was really the only woman getting center stage in action films.

Jovovich says she might not have ever had her big break in action films, if Luc Besson hadn't taken the chance to cast her in the sci-fi thriller/comedy The Fifth Element. That film, which cast Milla as Leeloo alongside Bruce Willis as Korben Dallas, gave the actress her introduction to action-oriented films.

"It was something that really opened up a whole new horizon for me in terms of what I was capable of," Jovovich says. "When I got through with The Fifth Element I felt a bit like a superhero. I'd just come off being Leeloo for more than half a year of my life. I definitely didn't want it to end. I think it very much pointed me in the direction my career would end up taking."

Practicing with weapons for action films has had an unexpected perk for Milla. The Resident Evil: The Final Chapter star says she has become adept in a variety of firearms, but has also learned to handle all manner of knives and swords as well. Jovovich lists the Filipino Kali sticks and Nepalese kukris as some of the more exotic weapons with which she has become proficient.

Even during her off time, Milla says she'll pick up a stick or a tree branch and practice her skills, while out walking her dog.

As for The Final Chapter, Ms. Jovovich suggests fans shouldn't count out future sequels at this point.

"I know that every movie we've made has been made as if it was the last," says the Resident Evil actress. "We've never rested on our laurels. I think that's why every film in the franchise has had its own unique feeling and can stand on its own."

Resident Evil: The Final Chapter will premiere in theaters on January 27, 2017.

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