December 31, 2016
WWE News: Real Reason Why WWE Canceled Feud Between AJ Styles And Undertaker Revealed

It was announced during this week's edition of SmackDown that John Cena will challenge AJ Styles for the WWE Championship at the WWE Royal Rumble PPV, which means we won't be getting The Undertaker vs. Styles like the rumors have been claiming for months now. WWE is planning for all three men to have huge matches at Wrestlemania 33 next year, but there is a lot of speculation about what will happen before then.

First and foremost, John Cena has returned to WWE television with a bold statement and now has a WWE title match at the WWE Royal Rumble in The Alamodome. There is a lot of speculation about the possibility of Cena walking out of San Antonio as the WWE World Champion. It would be his historic sixteenth WWE title, and it would set WWE programming on an interesting path headed into the grandest stage of them all.

It's been reported Cena vs. Styles will continue into the WWE Elimination Chamber in February, but their feud could be extended into Wrestlemania if WWE officials are interested. There's a lot of speculation about why WWE chose to cancel Styles vs. Undertaker for the WWE Royal Rumble and went with another match between Cena and Styles for the WWE Championship, but it was revealed why they made that decision.

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According to a report, the recent dismissal of WWE creative writer, Tom Casiello has led to a lot of changes in WWE programming, which includes reigniting the feud between Cena and Styles instead of booking The Deadman versus The Phenomenal One at the WWE Royal Rumble. Apparently, WWE officials have new creative plans for The Undertaker heading into Wrestlemania 33, and they may involve a surprising name.

Another report is claiming that Vince McMahon wants to move forward with Roman Reigns vs. Undertaker for the grandest stage of them all next year. It seems that WWE officials will book Taker in the main event of Wrestlemania against Reigns or John Cena for a WWE World title. On paper, that means both men are likely to win their respective title matches at the WWE Royal Rumble to set up a feud with The Undertaker.

Roman Reigns versus The Undertaker would be very interesting, especially if it were for the WWE Universal Championship. However, the more popular opponent for the WWE Universe would be John Cena vs. Taker, but the feeling is their match wouldn't put over the future of the company, so Reigns vs. Undertaker may be the best way for the former to be crowned the top star in WWE and earn more respect from WWE Universe.

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The WWE World title picture on SmackDown will feature Cena, Styles, and The Undertaker no matter what decisions are made by WWE's creative team. It has been reported that all three men could find themselves in a Triple Threat match at Wrestlemania 33, which could be the best option for them.

John Cena would be able to win his sixteenth WWE World title, Undertaker wouldn't have to take the loss on the grandest stage of them all, and Styles could be in the main event of Wrestlemania after being one of the top performers for WWE since his debut roughly a year ago. Fortunately, the WWE Universe won't have to wait for WWE's creative plans to be revealed because the WWE Royal Rumble is right around the corner.

It was revealed recently The Undertaker will be making his return to Raw during the January 9th edition of the show. His appearance could be to continue the hype for the WWE Royal Rumble in San Antonio, but it will also lead to more speculation about his role heading into the PPV. For now, we know WWE officials are figuring out how all the puzzle pieces are going to fit for Wrestlemania and Undertaker will be involved.

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