New Year’s Resolution: 7 Things You Must Add To Your List

As the New Year approaches, we all must decide what do we expect from this upcoming year, what are the things we hope to accomplish, and things we should promise ourselves to better our lives. Basically, what are the Top 7 things that should be on your New Year’s resolution?

1. Take a Risk

It is so easy to live in your comfort zone and stay within your borders, but where is the fun in that? What is even more important, is where your personal progress in it? Challenge yourself and discover new opportunities and strength within your character. Do something you’ve always been afraid to do. Learn how to snowboard, take a karate class, move to a different city or even get a tattoo.

2. Complain Less

When you complain you bring negative emotions and thoughts in your life and make it darker than it actually is. There is no shame in expressing your feelings and concerns, but did you know that according to The New York Times, on average, during a conversation people complain about once every minute? Don’t you think it’s a little bit too much? By eliminating this part of your conversations or at least reducing it, you will live a brighter and happier life. So, wouldn’t this be a good thing to add to your New Year’s resolution?

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3. Compliment more

It feels good not only when you receive a compliment, but also when you give one. We often think what we like around us – what a tasty coffee your barista just made, what a nice jacket that lady has, or how pleasant your server was. Don’t be afraid to tell those things out loud and make someone happy. They will pay you back with a wave of positivity that will make your day better!

4. Learn to Love Those Whom You Envy

Very useful thing to add to your New Year’s resolution. Turn your envy into admiration and release your life from negative emotions. It would be the first step to start loving yourself. Instead of thinking “what a nice pair of shoes that women has, she doesn’t deserve them,” think about “what a great taste she has and how lucky she is to have those.” By letting kind thoughts in your heart, you will become a more positive person.

5. Go to Sleep Earlier

In this upcoming New Year try not only better your inner spirit but also your body. Your productivity and general well-being will improve if you learn how to go to sleep earlier. From 11 p.m. to 3 a.m. our body is programmed for recovering from all the damage you acquired during the day. So, sleeping during this time will benefit you much more than during any other time. Trust me, it will make you work better, feel better, and look better.

Cooking at home will make you healthier
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6. Cook at Home More

Cooking at home and eating home-made meals will definitely make you healthier and will let you lose those several unwanted pounds you couldn’t lose this year. Moreover, it’s not only healthy but fun! Invite your friends over and cook your meal together, so you can have a party. Or plan to have your significant other come around and have a romantic date with homecooked dinner.

7. Travel More

The last but not the least is to travel more! I know, you’ve read thousands of articles which advise you the same thing. I will do the same, for one simple reason – it works! You might think it costs a lot, well it’s not true. Start small – visit a town nearby, where you’ve always wanted to go, but didn’t have the time. Or go visit your friends in a different state, I’m sure they would love to host you for a few days. If all your friends live near you, there are many different websites which can help you stay, even in a different country for free or for very cheap (Couchsurfing, Airbnb). So, don’t be afraid and explore the world!

I wish everyone a very Happy New Year and I hope that whatever you will put on your New Year’s Resolution list becomes true!

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